The model, Jessica Alba and the Smith family react to being the targets of critical mothers.

Ashley Graham and Jessica Alba have their own theories as to why mom shamers do what they do, after being targeted with criticism for how they’ve raised their children in the public eye.

The two are guests on Tuesday’s new episode of “Red Table Talk,” which focuses entirely on the subject of mom shaming. After Jada Pinkett Smith reveals how she’s been shamed and Willow shares how that criticism affected her, the show’s celebrity guests open up about their experiences as well.

“Mommy shamers are just mean girls that grew up to be mothers,” Graham says in this exclusive sneak peek at tomorrow’s episode.

Alba clearly agrees, laughing while exclaiming, “It’s so true!”

“I’d had to do a lot of therapy and certainly now that I’m almost 40, I’ve come  to this place where I realize most people who have something to say, it’s because they’re so insecure,” Alba continues. “And it’s more them being ashamed of themselves, them being overly critical and the natural reaction is to pull other people apart to feel justified or them to feel okay.”

Graham is mom to baby boy Isaac, who was born in January 2020, while Alba shares three children — Honor, 12, Haven, 9 and Hayes, 2 — with husband Cash Warren.

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In another sneak peek video, Alba admits to spying on her children with cameras installed in their room — to see what they’re really up to while she’s sleeping at night.

“I really thought I was losing it, until I started surveilling them. Honor was like, ‘Mom, I’m 12 now, don’t you think it’s awkward,'” she explained. “I’m like, ‘You shouldn’t be doing anything in your bedroom, you have a whole closet to dress in and you have your bathroom for your private time. So what are you doing in your room, you think you’re going to sneak somebody in?'”

She added, “Somehow I’m still getting away with it, but I think this might be the last year.”

The full episode of “Red Table Talk” drops Tuesday at 9am on Facebook Watch.

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