Ashley’s girlfriend and Azaylia’s mother, Safiyya Vorajee, said Azaylia’s heart rate was “over 200” beats per minute.

“The Challenge” star Ashley Cain has revealed his baby daughter, Azaylia, had to be taken to the hospital once again.

On Tuesday night, Ashley shared another heartbreaking update on the condition of his 8-month-old daughter Azaylia, who has been battling leukemia, to his Instagram Story.

Ashley Cain and Girlfriend Give Heartbreaking Update on Daughter Azaylia's Leukemia Battle: 'Feels Like Torture'

The reality star shared a video of Azaylia being transported to the hospital. “Come on baby,” Ashley wrote alongside the clip.

The “Ex on the Beach” star also posted a video of emergency personnel wheeling Azalyia out of the ambulance. “I love you princess,” he captioned the footage, adding a heart emoji.

Ashley’s girlfriend and Azaylia’s mother, Safiyya Vorajee — who has also continued to update followers on Azaylia’s condition — shared to her Story that they had to take their daughter back to the hospital because her heart rate was “over 200” beats per minute.

“Currently waiting for her blood results to see if we can get her some antibiotics to treat any infections,” she captioned a photo of herself holding Azaylia in her arms. “I love & adore you sweet girl.”

Like Ashley, Safiyya posted videos of Azaylia being taken to the hospital.

“Mummy & Daddy promised to give you our 100% from day 1,” she wrote. “We will keep to our word whatever you need we will do for you baby.”

The Challenge's Ashley Cain Says 8-Month-Old Daughter Has 'One, Two Days to Live' in Cancer Battle

On Wednesday, Ashley updated his followers and said Azaylia was able to leave the hospital. Alongside a video of the little girl in an ambulance, Ashley wrote, “Back home we go on the rollercoaster of emotions and events.”

Safiyya also took to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, sharing that Azaylia is on oxygen because her breathing is “intense” and she’s “struggling a little bit.” Safiyya noted that the oxygen helps Azaylia “sleep more comfortably.”

This most recent trip comes after another visit to the ER on Sunday, where she received an emergency platelet transfusion after her cancer caused extreme bleeding from her nose.

“Because of her blood cancer it means it eats away at the cells that help to clot the blood, so with the tumors, plus the lack of platelets in her body, that means she could bleed out from the inside and that’s no way for Azaylia to go,” Ashley explained on his Instagram Stories on Sunday.

Safiyya revealed the 30-minute transfusion didn’t stop the bleeding, so Azaylia was put on an observation machine, allowing the parents to monitor their baby’s oxygen and heart rate levels.

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However, after she had returned home on Tuesday, Ashley said he was able to take Azaylia outside in the sun for the first time — unprotected — since she was born.

“Today was the first time in the 8 months of Fatherhood that I’ve had the chance to walk down the street with my baby in my arms,” he captioned sweet images of himself holding Azaylia, above. “No hospital, no isolation, no pram with a protective cover… Just me, and my baby, doing what a daddy and daughter should be able to do. When I say this to you all I really mean it… Appreciate what you have, cherish every single moment and always be the best you that you can be for the ones you love. ❤️”

Azaylia was diagnosed with cancer at only 2 months old and has been in and out of treatment since. During the latest round of treatments, doctors discovered tumors throughout the baby’s body and gave her only “days” to live. However, the parents continue to be optimistic and are doing everything possible to keep Azaylia comfortable.

“I just wake up in the morning and look at her and feel so blessed that every single morning I’m waking up with her and having her there to hold and to smile and to sing all our Jungle Book theme all day long,” Safiyya explained in a post on her Instagram Stories.

“The amount of times we sing this to her is just mind-blowing and I feel so happy that I can just spend today with her and play and just love her as much as I can and tell her how much I love her,” she continued. “This stuff is so hard and so difficult but I’m going to make every day as happy, as fun as playful as possible for her.”

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking, this feels like torture. It’s so difficult and so hard and the support you guys are all giving us is amazing, it’s incredible.”

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