If you ask us, there are few things more refreshing in the entertainment world than when celebrities share make-up free selfies. When you work in Hollywood, it’s basically your job to look flawless and glamorous 24/7. Going to a big premiere? Bring on the beauty squad. Got a hot date night? Ooh, a nighttime look. Walking your trash to the street can? Yep, gotta have a full face for that, too.

And hey, we totally understand — when you’re a celebrity, you have paparazzi tracking your every move, just waiting to pop out from behind a parked car and snap a picture at any given moment. Obviously, we’d love to say that fame wouldn’t change us, and we’d roll out the door in our old yoga-pants-and-messy-bun look with no makeup. But the reality is the rest of the world probably wouldn’t see our face in its natural state very often either, should we ever achieve star status.

So, when celebrities do decide to share a snapshot of their nude-faced beauty, we can’t help but applaud them for putting their authentic selves out into the world. It even makes us feel more empowered in our own skin.

So, here’s to the stunning celebs who’ve ditched the makeup and rocked a natural glow.

A version of this article was originally published on Jan 2021. 

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