The Holby City autumn trailer is out and once again it looks very promising in terms of drama and emotion. There are some familiar faces returning as part of the celebrations for Holby City’s 20th anniversary year and with evil Evan Crowhurst continuing his stalking with Chloe, the return of some iconic characters as well as some new ones and of course the return of Professor Elliott Hope, it looks like we’re in for a real treat this autumn at Holby City.

Here’s the spoilers in full:

1. Elliot Hope returns

We have to start off with talking about the return of the much loved Professor. Elliot has been away from the hospital for four years but is there a reason for his return other than to see Jac Naylor? A short clip at the start sees Jac outside the mortuary and we also see Elliot on the floor later in the trailer after what may have been a collapse. Dare I say it? Is it the end for Elliot? 

2. Chloe’s holiday from hell

A quiet period of relaxation in an isolated cottage could be relaxing for some, but not when it’s with your lying, stalking, manipulative boyfriend. Chloe’s clearly in danger judging by what looks like her barricading herself in the cottage so Evan can’t get in – so how much danger is she in?

3. Jac begins to lose control

There’s the return of Emma’s stepmum Stacey in the autumn trailer where she says ‘Emma would be better off with us’, we also see Jac crying and saying to Fletch ‘you’re one of them’ – is she beginning to think everybody is turning against her? 

4. Ric’s new storyline begins

For a while we’ve seen Ric make tiny little errors whilst working. We saw him make an error of which Cameron pointed out, and then we also saw him give a telling off to the AAU staff for leaving a coffee on the hospital floor that was spilt – despite the fact he didn’t realise it was his coffee. In the trailer we see a lot of Ric, him getting angry at Xavier (again) and also looking pretty lonely on his own on the ward. We also see Cameron question him as to whether he thinks he is showing signs of dementia – could this be the beginning of the end for Holby’s longest-serving character?

5. The return of the Tan Twins and Diane Lloyd

It’s clear these two iconic returns have some sort of an effect on Ric Griffin but what’s strange with Diane, is that despite Ric just being in a room in the hospital – things are blurred, there’s a shiny ‘love’ light behind Diane but let’s not forget the elephant in the room here, Diane died in 2007! What could this be?!

6. New romance for Kian

We learnt a while back that Kian’s wife died in a hiking accident and since then we haven’t really seen anything else on the romance front for him. The trailer sees a patient flirting with Kian and them also holding hands, could this be a case of Kian secretly knowing the patient or is he about to break all the rules and start a relationship with her? Come on Kian, they do things by the book at Holby!

7. Helen returns with trouble for Dom and Lofty

Remember her? Helen was the lady that arrived on the wards searching for Lofty a few weeks ago. She bumped into Dom a few times and got talking to him, and it later transpired that Helen was pregnant – with Lofty’s baby! Dom failed to tell Lofty that Helen was pregnant and now it seems in the trailer it’s all about to come out when Helen arrives at the hospital with cuts and bruises on her head. Lofty discovers Helen’s pregnant, but what could this mean for Dom and Lofty now?

8. Max McGerry joins the team

It was announced back in June that actor Jo Martin will play consultant neurosurgeon Max McGerry and in the trailer we see a first look at her. Will she be a calm, kind member of the team? Well the last neurosurgeon that was at Holby City turned out to be an evil murdering Professor so she has to be better than John Gaskell!

9. Cameron continues to fall

Poor Cameron has been lost since the death of his mum Bernie but in the trailer we see him crying in the locker room and then, shockingly, the police coming up to him! Could it be something simple? Or is Cameron hiding a secret that’s going to shock us all?

10. The end of Ric?

With his memory struggles and his anger problems, there is something truly wrong with Ric. We end the trailer with another odd clip from Diane and someone else, and then we see Max and Serena working together but when we see the person they are operating on is Ric, he’s clearly in trouble. Has something gone wrong? Could the clips with Diane be a teaser that Ric is going to die?

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