WOMEN are sharing vile photos of dirt falling out of their Pandora charm bracelets after copying a mum's clever cleaning hack.

The mum sparked a frenzy when she revealed her easy trick on Facebook group We Love Mrs Hinch earlier this week.

The woman explained that she'd simply added a squirt of washing up liquid to freshly-boiled water, before soaking her bracelet for five minutes.

She shared a snap of the piece in the soapy water, with grimy black specks floating around it.

Alongside the image, she wrote: "The crap that has come off is crazy. All that black is off my charms."

Others members of the group were clearly inspired, with the post quickly racking up over 240 likes and almost 300 comments.

Unsurprisingly, the technique was of particular interest to other owners of Pandora jewellery. One wrote: "Mine's well overdue, keep meaning to take it in, I'm amazed at this."

Others said: "I definitely need to do this," and: "Doing it right now."

A few people backed the mum's recommendation, with one commenting: "Always clean my jewellery like this have done for about 20 years [sic].

"If you got an old toothbrush it's great for rings with gemstones in and brings them up lovely."

Others wondered whether the hack would work with other jewels.

"Could I clean my silver engagement ring like this?" asked one.

Another message read: "Hopefully this works for rings! Mine has went all tarnished it looks awful [sic]."

Meanwhile, one woman has credited £1 Elbow Grease spray with getting stubborn stains off her dining room chair.

Mrs Hinch fans are going wild for a £3 cleaning spray that leaves showers sparkling… and it works wonders on toilets and cookers too.

And one mum felt "sick to her stomach" after "finding live maggots in her new B&M rug".

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