AN ENGAGED woman has been slammed for bashing her fiance’s £1,000 ring online saying “it wasn’t even that expensive”. 

The woman is said to have spent years crying about how she wasn’t engaged, and then when it finally happened she was less than impressed with her sparkler. 

A person shared a screenshot on Reddit of the anonymous woman who took to Instagram to share how she didn’t like the ring. 

They wrote: “Finally gets engaged after years of crying about it and immediately bashes her fiancé on ig story about how she did not like her ring. 

“They go out to get a new one next day and…ouch! Embarrassing.”

The post was taken from the Instagram Story, where the woman added the caption: “It’ll be done tomorrow once it’s sized.

“It wasn’t even that expensive. $1,500.”

Many people were quick to slam the woman for her reaction to the ring. 

One wrote: “Yikes for this relationship.”

Another added: “I think $1500 is expensive.”

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