MANY people will be throwing open their windows at night to cope with the current heatwave – but this does mean loud noises outside can be a problem.

This is certainly the case for one mum who has been left fuming after being woken up at 7.30am by gardeners mowing the lawn outside her home.

The upset woman said the two gardeners were sent by the local council to tame the grass along her street.

She said she was “not impressed” as the loud machinery woke her up at the early hour.

Taking to Mumsnet, she wrote: "The council have gardeners out on stand-on mowers and with strimmers on the grass right underneath people's windows at 7:30 am! 

“I slept with windows open last night because of the heat and I am not impressed at the sheer level of noise of both machines going off at once at this time.

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"I thought it had to be after 8? 

“To me personally, that is still too early but I don't make the rules. More than anything else, it was just a horrible way to wake up."

Her post has divided forum users, with many pointing out that it is probably cooler for the gardeners to work at that hour given the heatwave.

One said: "How do you expect them to get the work done? I'd prefer them to be doing it early, and finish earlier. In this heat, it makes sense for them to start early."

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Another added: "Far better for the workmen to get the work done while it is cool.

"Would you want to be sitting on a mower with no shade in the boiling heat?"

And a third commented: "I think their physical safety probably trumps your sleep – for people who aren't used to working in this kind of heat, starting outdoor jobs earlier so they don't have to be working in the hottest part of the day is very sensible."

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