WITH the hotter weather also comes an increase in the amount of maggots causing havoc in your outside bins.

But one woman has revealed a quick and easy way to keep the wriggly critters away – and all you need is some Zoflora.

Lindsay Parkes took to TikTok to share the hack, as she posted a video of herself sprinkling some of the disinfecting liquid onto a kitchen towel.

"This little thing I tried will keep your bins maggot free during the hot weather," Lindsay wrote.

"Ps this is for the large outside bin , not my kitchen bin," she added in a comment.

In another video she showed what she does with the kitchen towel – wearing gloves as she wiped the Zoflora-soaked tissue around the lid and edges of the bin.

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"Just found maggots in my bin… must be the heat! Thank you I will try this," one person wrote.

To which Lindsay replied: "Thank you.

"I think people think I’m being unhygienic but can happen anytime especially in this heat."

"I'm going to try this thanks beauty," another added.

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While a third commented: "That's a really good tip. Thank you."

Others shared their own uses for Zoflora, with one writing: "I put 2/3 caps of Zoflora in a spray bottle and fill it up with water.

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"Handy just for a quick wipe around the kitchen."

"Zoflora is amazing! Put some in your washing machine plus some soda crystals, run it empty on a hot wash and your machine will be clean and healthy," another added.

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