A WOMAN has revealed that she has spent her £150 council tax rebate to stock her fridge full of beer – arguing that she should be able to spend her money however she wants.

Sharing the clip to her TikTok account @tonisheard862, Toni, an assistant shop manager  from Brighouse, West Yorks, has caused controversy with some people arguing that the money should have gone to better use.

The video shows Toni’s fridge stocked to the brim with beer, as she says: “So I just got my £150 rebate from the council and I decided to buy all this, what do you think?”

The rebate is supposed to help with the cost of living crisis, so many were confused as to why she spent the money on a fridge full of beer, instead of something more useful or urgent, such as paying bills or buying fuel.

“Would have spent it on gas, electric or petrol,” commented one fellow TikTok user.

“All well and good until you can’t afford to run it,” wrote another, suggesting that perhaps the money would have gone to better use if spent on keeping the fridge running for food.


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Others, however, were quick to defend Toni, saying that she can spend the money however she likes, it is hers after all.

One TikToker commented: “It’s almost like it’s her money and she can spend it on what SHE wants.”

“I can’t think of anything better to spend money on. I can't lie,” added another.

The Derby Telegraph reports that Toni later defended her decision saying: ““If I’m honest with you, the beer was on offer, the jubilee was coming up, so I just thought I’d stock up. I work hard, so I thought ‘Why not?’

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“I got a selection of what my friends drink, you see, so it’s a bit of a party fridge. So it’s different friends for different drinks. It’s not just for me – I’m not a raving alcoholic. We just thought we’d stock it up for the jubilee coming up – why not? I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong.”

She further added: “I come across quite heartless on TikTok, but I work bloody hard. I work six days a week, so I think I should spend my money how I choose. I give to charity and I help people out. So it is what it is. If I work hard for my money, how come I can’t spend it how I want to?”

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