WHAT do you see first when you look at this optical illusion?

The answer can help tell you which side of you brain is more dominant and, in turn, whether you're a more creative or logical sort of person.

"You might be familiar with the type of optical illusions that hide several images within one," Bright Side explained in their YouTube video.

"But did you know that what you see first in such an image can speak volumes about your personality?

"You might see one thing in the image, yet someone else will try to convince you that it’s another.

"And that’s exactly why optical illusions can be like a personality test."

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What you see in this optical illusion says a lot about your personality

If you see a squirrel in the picture, it means that the left side of your brain is more developed.

"This hemisphere is responsible for logical and analytical thinking, as well as mathematical skills," the voiceover explained.

But if you saw a duck first, "the right hemisphere of your brain is dominant".

"This means that you’re really good at everything connected with arts and creativity," the man added.

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"I found this very interesting, I guess I'm a 'right brain' type.." one person commented on the YouTube video.

"I'm shocked at the accuracy.. Love this. I think I've found a neat thing for passing time.."

"Love these optical illusion drawings , it’s interesting to see if others see the same or different," another added.

While a third wrote: "I think this ‘what do you see first in the picture’ test nailed my type of personality.

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"I see myself as a creative person and this test affirms it.

"Also it turns out the right side of my brain is dominant."

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