VICTORIA Beckham’s Christmas snaps show a shift in her marriage dynamic, a body language expert has claimed.

And she thinks that because the fashion designer's family has reached a turning point, Brand Beckham is now her priority.

In an exclusive interview, body language expert Judi James told The U.S. Sun: “In the photo with David, Victoria seems to be enjoying looking like she's his gift rather than the other way around.

“She keeps both her arms down rather than wrapping her left arm around David in a reciprocal hug and she creates a barrier between them.

“The slogan on her hoodie suggests she’s still his fan after 23 years of marriage, but the words 'All I Want for Christmas is David Beckham' shows an admiration for the football hero and his brand rather than the man himself.

“By acknowledging the fame, desirability, and brand of her partner like this, Victoria's just creating PR puff for Brand Beckham as a couple.”

Victoria and David have made their brand a huge success since they married in 1999, with their combined net worth now in the hundreds of millions.

In fact, over the years the Beckham empire has gone from strength to strength with David, 47, and Victoria, 48, forging ahead with their joint business ventures while expanding their family and moving homes.

These include the former Spice Girl's transition from pop superstardom into the fashion sector and David’s foray into the US and UK soccer business.

At the same time, the celebrity pair seemed to have enjoyed relative stability within their marriage over the past several years, despite this not always being the case.

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Difficulties first emerged during their courtship, with Victoria later writing in her 2001 memoir that she punched David after learning that he may have cheated while she was pregnant.

After a family relocation to Madrid in 2003, the Beckhams' marriage hit the headlines when David’s PA Rebecca Loos claimed the then-Real Madrid player had had an affair with her, which he denied.

As rumors of turbulent times for the pair continued to ebb and flow, 2017 saw the Beckhams renew their marriage vows.

Around that time, David said: “We stay together because we love each other, and because we have four wonderful children.”

Speaking on their body language in their new Christmas photo, Judi notes that something seems have changed in their dynamic.

“Victoria’s Christmas photo shows David in a rather rare pose of seeming to be the one instigating the touch and adoration rituals," she says.

"Victoria accepts them rather than reciprocating his movements.

“Over the many years of their marriage, it has usually been Victoria performing the overkill rituals of partnership and closeness.

"She does this usually by draping herself over or cuddling her husband in photos to big him and their relationship up.

“Here, the body language balance and symmetry appear to have altered in this idealized photo.

“This time it’s David sitting with a wide, alpha leg splay, encircling his wife with his arms to signal possession as well as sexual attraction.

“His closed lips beaming smile suggests she’s the catch here and he’s lucky to have her.

“The sexual signals come from the way he encircles her hips and places both hands on her bottom in a clasping movement.

“While David’s facial and eye expression suggests a fun approach, Victoria has adopted a dreamy smile that suggests she wants to promote a more romantic ideal.

“Dig down into the pose and it’s uncomfortable enough to look like a moment for the cameras of course for her rather than something more spontaneous.”

Amazingly, the potential shift in the Beckhams' marriage dynamic has come at the same time that the couple's family structure has started to alter.

This summer, their eldest son Brooklyn flew the nest after marrying American heiress Nicole Peltz.

At first, Victoria and David told the world that they were overjoyed at the news, but rumors of a rift quickly began to swell after the glam Brooklyn-Peltz Miami wedding.

Victoria had reportedly declined to design Nicole’s wedding dress and the relationship between the two women was said to have soured.

“The second Christmas photo that Victoria posted in the pajamas looks aimed directly at the absent son Brooklyn the pose shows a change as well," explains Judi.

"This is Victoria's message showing a longing to have him back in the bosom of the family team again.

“Victoria has always emphasized the importance of family bonding, grouping and team dynamic in her life.

“The Beckhams seem to stick tightly together, but now she has lost one son to marriage.

“Rather than adding a daughter-in-law to the Beckham team it looks rather as though her son is now missing from the Christmas poses.

“Words like 'dad,' 'tradition,' and 'we love and miss you' all suggest team Beckham is longing to have him with them.

"It does make it sound as though Brooklyn's a long distance away rather than about to pop in for a turkey dinner.

“The idea of a strong team is created again by the uniform effect of the matching pajamas.

"You can’t help but wonder if there's a set in Brooklyn’s size lying unwrapped beneath their Christmas tree, just in case.

"There's even an extra photo of David with Harper in a loving cuddle to try and emphasize on-brand Beckham group love.

“Victoria Beckham could win an award for her lifetime of dedication to working the pose.

"I don’t think I've ever seen her off-duty or caught in a more spontaneous or natural moment.

“She keeps a strict repertoire of signature poses in her portfolio and sticks rigidly to them because she knows they work.

“They're largely fashion-based, with a nod towards a Vogue spread and they seem to take more work than most people would realize.

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“There's very little if any variation between her personal poses and her work ones, just a cut and pasted look that's pure Victoria wherever she is and whatever she’s doing.

“Her driving factor seems to be getting it right for Brand Beckham here.”

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