WE all have a couple of things we’d prefer our partner didn’t do or wear – in other words, your ‘icks.’ 

And now, thanks to a trend on TikTok, many couples know what their partner finds unattractive about them. 

But two builders put their own spin on the challenge, sharing things women do that they find unattractive – and people are finding their very specific list hilarious. 

Aaron, known online as @aaronhunt282, regularly shares entertaining videos with his friend and colleague Dave.

In a new TikTok reel, the pair share things women do that they find unattractive – including riding a bicycle.

“Right, here we go. Me and Dave are back.


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“We’ve got a list here now. People might call them icks, but that word itself is a bit of an ick so just ‘things that put us off birds’. 

During the three-minute video, Aaron and his colleague Dave go on to explain things women do that they find unattractive – including riding a bicycle. 

Aron shares his first, commenting: “When you get a bird’s number and she’s got an Android,.

“And if she don’t have Whatsapp and she texts you, and it comes up green.

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“I can’t do green text. Come on, it’s not 2009, is it? Come on. 

“An also then, if she takes a picture and sends it to you, it looks like it’s been took on a f****** microwave. I ain’t having it.” 

Dave then chimes in, adding: “An ick for me is when a bird is cycling a bicycle. It just looks awkward.”

Aaron agrees: “The thing is no one looks fit on a bike. 

“Like you could put David Beckham on a bicycle and I’d just go, ‘oh I don’t know about that’ and he’s very good-looking. 

“Birds who’ve got half a shaved head. 

“I’m not that picky to be honest, but I don’t just want to go out with someone with a skin fade. 

“You know what I mean? Sometimes they got a better shape up than me.” 

Something else they find unattractive – when girls do a baby voice. 

Aaron continues: “Girls who do baby voices. 

“You know like, ‘oh hello baby’ and all that. 

Dave adds: “That is cringe, that.”

Pointing at the list, Dave adds: “This one annoys you really bad, doesn’t it? Bad grammar.

Aaron: “I spoke to a bird and she was like, ‘How’s you’re weekend been?’ but not ‘how’s your weekend been?’ 

“How is you are weekend been. Spelt like that. 

“It’s not hard. You’re literally writing it on a phone that literally types for you. It’s not hard, is it? Come on.”

Aaron next’s pet peeve – certain Instagram captions. 

“Insta captions. Like when a birds put a picture on and they’re like ‘Maga ain’t ready’.

“And like if they’ve been out and they write, ‘last night was a movie’.

“No it weren’t a movie, was it? Jaws is a movie Shawshank Redemption’s a movie, The Green Miles a movie. 

“You, in Wetherspoon’s…that’s not a movie.” 

“The last one on the list is PDA. Public Displays of Affection, David, that’s what it is.” 

Dave adds: “I don’t mind a peck on cheek.”

Aaron responds: “No, but when you see a couple absolutely, for want of a better word, snogging in the Trafford Centre, like proper tonguing each other.

“I’m alright for holding hands, good. But like necking each in the Trafford Centre, there’s people around.” 

Fans loved the men’s honesty, with the video gaining more than 33,000 likes and 584,000 views. 

In the comments, Aaron’s followers shared their icks, with one writing: “my Ick is when men call women Birds, we are not Birds we do not fly.”

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Another joked: “Writing icks on a note pad – ICK.”

A third added: “I love u pair, proper made my day!”

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