TOM Brady and Gisele Bündchen might end up reuniting given their underlying yearning for each other, a psychologist has claimed.

And she thinks that while their Insta posts suggest a love rematch, their mutual "impulsiveness" could help seal the deal.

Recently, the retired NFL quarterback was reportedly considering winning back his supermodel ex-wife after finally giving up his longtime football career.

On February 1, Brady shared a series of happy family throwbacks that included his retirement announcement video and, somewhat surprisingly, Gisele.

This came just three months after the former couple's divorce was finalized.

Bündchen then sent the seven-time Super Bowl winner a complimentary message.

“Wishing you only wonderful things in this new chapter of your life,” she wrote on Instagram.

On Valentine’s Day, Tom also shared a moving quote on Instagram from a yogi called Sadhguru.

It read: "Love is not a transaction; it is a certain exuberance and sweetness of your emotion."

That same month, he also posted a lonesome shirtless selfie to Twitter that showed him sitting on a bed wearing his Brady Brand underwear.

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Meanwhile, Gisele has since been offering glimpses into her fitness-packed, singleton lifestyle online.

The Brazilian cover star has been seen partying up a storm in her home country while flaunting her tanned, toned abs.

And more recently, Gisele was snapped out with her long-time jiu-jitsu instructor, Joachim Valente, in Costa Rica.

She has also shown fans and followers how she has been ramping up her modeling gigs.

Since her divorce, the 42-year-old has appeared on the March cover of Vogue Italia and pole danced for a photo shoot by the shoe brand Arezzo.

In an exclusive interview, psychologist Jo Hemmings told The U.S. Sun: “The chance of reconciliation between Gisele and Tom is quite high.

“But it won't happen overnight despite their impulsiveness at times.

"Since the divorce, Tom and Gisele have both been posting images that show them looking at their best.

"But they’re very often accompanied by cryptic messages to show what they’re missing being apart from one another.

"We'll also see a few more posts from Tom and Gisele together as a family over the medium term and before any final decisions are made.

“They have to resolve and compromise and may have a third party in the form of counseling or therapy to help them work on that.

“They also have their children to think about.

"Unless they're absolutely sure that they have fully dealt with their issues, it'd be disruptive for them, should they move back in together.

“They’re a close family in co-parenting terms and it'd seem that it’s Tom’s yearning to return to the NFL that created the conflict in the first instance.

“They’re clearly coping pretty well, but there is a sense of loss and sometimes loneliness – that they would flourish rather than simply cope if they were back together."

Gisele and Tom confirmed their divorce in October 2022, after months of speculation about the tricky state of their 13-year marriage.

At the time, Brady, 45, and Bündchen, who'd first met in 2006, appeared to rush through the paperwork which they eventually filed in Glades County, Florida.

While making the standard decisions on dividing up assets and co-parenting their children, Vivian, 10, and Benjamin, 13, the couple publicly stated their separation was “amicable.”

Before divorce day, showbiz's most glam couple were said to have been at odds over Tom's dramatic 40-day football retirement U-turn.

Tom had vowed to leave the Patriots and then changed his mind, reportedly causing tension with Gisele, who hoped for more time with him.

In contrast, the former Victoria's Secret star had pretty much given up her career as one of the industry's finest models, to focus on her family.

“The issues that had resulted in divorce are what they will have to address and rinse squeaky clean now," adds Jo.

“They’re certainly aware that without resolution of their core issues, being back together as a couple would not be a great idea.

“They’re both determined and impulsive as well.

“Tom very publicly U-turned on his retirement from the NFL.

"Gisele also had a yo-yo decision-making process over her modeling career.

“The issues they had would seem to be a clash of priorities at a given point in time.

“More importantly, these are not issues about infidelity or falling out of love with each other.

“This means they can be resolved with compromise and consideration.

"When couples have split – but it’s not bitter, hateful or angry – they often go into a ‘transitional zone’."

In his first interview after splitting from Gisele, the seven-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback said he was focused on taking care of his family.

He wrote that he was “doing the best” he can “to win football games,” speaking before finally retiring.

As for Gisele, she took to Instagram and wrote: "The decision to end a marriage is never easy."

She added: "But we have grown apart and while it is, of course, difficult to go through something like this, I feel blessed for the time we had together and only wish the best for Tom always."

“The key at the moment for Tom and Gisele is in the tone of their posts," says Jo.

“Tom may be showing a thirst-trap image, but he’s quick to dismiss that as something he wasn't really aware of.

“He didn't fully move his hand away from his crotch and promised not to post anymore.

"They are at the cryptic stage – Gisele, especially, is sending open-to-interpretation messages, which are giving her fans and followers hope.

“She’s a smart cookie – and not the kind of person to put these out if there wasn't some behind-the-scenes counseling or consideration going on.

“Gisele has also been seen out with her kid's jiu-jitsu teacher.

"But she has been at pains to point out that he’s a family friend and that there’s no romance.

“She has no desire to taunt Tom, so she’d be very unlikely to be having a romantic liaison with someone involved in their children’s lives.

“Tom and Gisele have been indicating that they can survive without each other, but with a hint that they're not yet willing to lead totally separate lives.

“J-Lo and Ben Affleck are perhaps the best-known celeb couples who have made a U-turn and reconciled."

And our expert notes that other showbiz couples have followed the same trajectory as J-Lo and Ben who also showed signs of reconciling online.

While Jennifer Flavin also filed for divorce in August 2022 only to reconcile with Sylvester Stallone just a short time afterward.

“There are many others like Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin, Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor, and of course Justin and Hailey Bieber," says Jo.

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“Just like any couple – with added celeb pressures – the right person/wrong time is often just two people who do love each other.

"Like for Tom and Gisele, they've unfortunately been together at conflicting stages of their lives.”

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