Written by Naomi May

All it takes to find the perfect fit at high street juggernaut Zara is to school yourself in this lesser-known sizing system. 

Finding the right size at the buffet of brands that comprise the great British high street is no small feat.

In one shop, you may be a certain size and in another, you may be considered to be a size smaller or larger, and all that results in is a sizing battlefield that makes finding the perfect fit nothing short of a total disaster.

Thanks to a helpful TikTok hack (what did we do before TikTok?), the sizing complications you may have encountered at juggernaut Zara are to become a thing of the past. In a clip uploaded to the app by user @wearherstyle, Spanish label Zara’s secret sizing system is revealed.  

According to the video, which has amassed just north of 70,000 likes already, if a piece of Zara clothing has a square on its label, that means it will fit true to size. If a piece has a triangle on its label, that means it is a small fit, and if a piece has a circle on its label, that means it will come up larger in fit. Mind? Blown. 

This being TikTok, and naturally a treasure trove of titbits of information, there’s a swathe of Zara-specific hacks floating around on the app, the most notable of which will similarly change the way you shop on the brand’s website.

In a video that’s amassed just shy of 205,000 likes, a TikTok user named @livbedz has shared that in order to actually navigate the website correctly, and in a stress-free manner, you must look to the top right corner of the webpage. Next to the Zara website’s search bar is its View function. Swipe the toggle along to the right and the images on the site become clearer and more organised.

Zara and TikTok, consider us influenced. Happy shopping!

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