WHEN it comes to naming babies, there's plenty of trends but one that has now been revealed is the names inspired by top designers.

Trendy in terms of bags and shoes, the top fashion brands are now being used as inspiration for newborns up and down the country.

A recent study conducted by Jewellerybox.co.uk looked at the most popular fashion and beauty brands alongside registered baby names between 2000 and 2018.

Of course, the more couture brands came in at the top spots but a few household names, such as Nivea and Estee, also made it into the top ten.

Jewellerybox.co.uk explained: "We excluded common names that may be associated with brands. For example, while Hugo Boss is one of the brands we looked at, we did not look at the name Hugo as it is a popular name in its own right; rather, we looked at the name Boss which is more commonly associated with the brand."

When it comes to the designers, Armani tops the list with a total of 16,290 babies given the name in the UK and US since 2000.

Also popular are names inspired by precious stones and jewels with Ruby proving most popular with a total of 102,594 UK and US babies from 2000-2018.

Some of the more unusual names include Nivea, Boss, Rimmel and Versace.

Most popular ‘branded’ names for UK girls

  1. Chanel – 1,349
  2. Armani – 336
  3. Dior – 196
  4. Dolce – 105
  5. Estee – 53
  6. Omega – 10
  7. Yves – 7
  8. Cartier – 3
  9. Nivea – 3

Most popular ‘branded’ names for UK boys

  1. Valentino – 573
  2. Kenzo – 443
  3. Armani – 368
  4. Salvatore – 149
  5. Cavalli – 105
  6. Dior – 55
  7. Yves – 50
  8. Klein – 10
  9. Hermes – 8
  10. Cartier – 6

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