The Perfect Pair of Jorts Does, In Fact, Exist

Despite the ubiquity of jean shorts, finding the perfect pair can take a Herculean effort. With so many variables to consider — texture, fit, comfort, length, color, price, potential camel toe — it seems borderline impossible to find a style that checks all the boxes. And when you factor in a sizable butt and small waist (the two-ingredient recipe for the dreaded gape), it veers into hopeless territory. As someone who’s endeavored to go on this uber-specific jorts treasure hunt for years, I’m thrilled beyond belief to report that my search is finally over. Behold: Madewell’s Curvy Perfect Jean Short.

A riff on the brand’s vintage-inspired Perfect Jean Short, this brand-new fit is specifically designed for those with an hourglass silhouette (read: small in the center, big on the bottom). It has a narrow waist with a contoured band, a long rise, and room at the hip and thigh area, so you can sit down in them comfortably. Plus, they’ve got that hard-to-achieve worn-in look reminiscent of old Levi’s. Because they’re made with Madewell’s comfort stretch denim, keep in mind that these shorts definitely have a bit of give — I wound up sizing down two sizes.

Just like the name implies, The Curvy Perfect Jean Short is truly perfect. And a number of customers seem to agree with me. Some review highlights include: “Fits like a dream,” “Obsessed,” and “YOU NEED THESE.” I’d like to add that the high-waist cut is super flattering as it makes your legs look really long, and they’re comfy enough that you can wear them while working from home — a blessing now that sweatpants season is ending. Keep scrolling to see how I styled them (with a T-shirt, natch) and shop them for yourself.

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