YOUR cluttered wardrobe full of high street fashion labels could be a gold mine, if you just know how to sell it. 

People are looking for alternative ways to make extra cash while stuck at home during the second coronavirus lockdown – so are opting to sell their clothes online.  

While trawling through pages on eBay may seem a laborious task, when you know what to look for, it’s easy to nab a fashionable bargain.

From Nike sportswear to H&M designer collaborations, there are labels that experts believe sell for the most on eBay. 

So if you have unwanted garments from these labels stashed at the back of the cupboard, you should list them on eBay now.  

Emma Grant, Head of Preloved at eBay says “brands such as Nike, H&M and Tommy Hilfiger are amongst some of the most searched for brands on the platform, a nod to the sustainability-conscious Gen Zs.”

“It’s great to see more shoppers opting to purchase second hand apparel on eBay. Not only is this more of a sustainable way to shop, but it’s also easier on the pocket too.”

While British stylist Abbey Booth – who runs Stories With Clothes – says Barbour jackets, Ganni dresses and Zara designs which resemble Kate Middleton’s wardrobe rake up the highest bids. 

Here are the top 10 labels which seem to sell for the most on eBay:


One of the most popular high street brands in Britain – Topshop – really retains its value when pieces are resold on eBay. 

Especially if you own something a celebrity has worn – like when Beyonce famously wore a LBD from Topshop for £68 in 2014, says Abbey. 

The brand has collaborated with Kate Moss, Christopher Kane and Mary Katrantzou in the past – making limited edition garments popular on selling sites like eBay. 


This brand consistently resells well, Abbey reveals. 

Especially if you have any clothing from unique collaborations – such as Sacre – which resold on eBay at a huge increase from its original price. 

Emma Grant from eBay says Nike is one of the most searched for labels on the platform. 

Perhaps this is due to the increase of home workouts and outdoor activities in lockdown. 


As well as Emma from eBay revealing H&M is one of the top searched labels, stylist Abbey says the high street brand’s designer collaborations often end up becoming collectors items. 

She adds: “With H&M Balmain from a few years ago, some of the dresses were selling upwards of £1000 on eBay when the originals cost £399. 

“With big budget ad campaigns using supermodels Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner it gave us a taste of couture for a fraction of the price!”

Abbey is also expecting H&M’s recent launch with The Vampire's Wife to become collectible on eBay – especially if the pieces are featured in the next series of Killing Eve. 

Think romantic, ruffled styles, gorgeous hues and dreamy designs. 


New research from eBay reveals that UK shoppers love a bargain – even more so, nearly a quarter (23%) of the UK considered a bargain if an item is on sale from an exclusive designer. 

The great thing about Tommy Hilfiger is their brand is timeless and the pieces are always in fashion – so it is no surprise it is one of the most searched for brands on eBay. 

And it is seen as more ‘high end’ than the high street labels. 


Stylist Abbey says fashion label Ganni is fast becoming a popular one. 

“It's adored by Instagram girls, bloggers and influencers alike with many looking to Ebay to find the perfect dress”, she says. 


A classic UK brand, Abbey says Zara items hold their price well and can be sold on eBay for pretty much the same as what you paid for them 

She adds: “Look out for styles Kate Middleton wears as these sell out almost immediately brand new and if you're savvy enough to have bought prior to her wearing them in public, you will be able to sell them on for more than you paid. 

“She has a very classic style so look for tailored pieces which aren't too fussy or trend-led.” 


If you own an old Barbour jacket in mint condition, you should list it on eBay now, says Abbey. 

The heritage brand has timeless appeal meaning it’s vintage styles really retain their value and have a ‘realm’ status. 

“Collabs with Alexa Chung in recent years have helped propel the brand back into the spotlight and give a more youthful vibe to some of their pieces”, Abbey adds. 

The top 10 labels which sell for the most on eBay

  1. Topshop
  2. Nike
  3. H&M
  4. Tommy Hilfiger
  5. Ganni
  6. Zara
  7. Barbour
  8. All Saints
  9. Michael Kors
  10. Ted Baker


Personal stylist Lucy Eastman – from Styled by Lucy –  said high end high street stores such as Reiss, Cos and All Saints sell particularly well on eBay. 

Especially if the items have been featured on TV or recommended by celebrities on social media.  

She says: “There are certain preloved clothes I suggest to my clients to look out for on eBay. 

“If a leather jacket would be useful for their wardrobe I would suggest they search for All Saints leather jacket on eBay rather than buying new.” 


The popular online marketplace has a treasure trove of luxury items including designer Michael Kors clothes, bags and shoes. 

Shopping on eBay allows customers to get significantly lower prices than retail for these popular labels. 

Recent data from eBay confirmed that we are a brand-loving nation, with 32% more searches for brands such as Michael Kors, Ted Baker and Hugo Boss post-lockdown, compared to pre-lockdown. 


Anything from Ted Baker also sells well on eBay – whether it’s clothing, bags, accessories or swim wear.

The online marketplace previously revealed that Ted Baker was the second bestselling children’s clothing brand on the site – with an average selling price of £8.03.

These labels selling well on eBay come as no surprise as the recent data revealed that female respondents said the lockdown has led them to hunt for more bargains than ever. 

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