THEY'RE able to earn millions by simply sharing their clever home hacks, tips and tricks online, so cleaning influencers are really cleaning up – in more ways than one.

Known as 'cleanfluencers' to their legions of fans, the likes of Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon have been able to earn a very tidy sum, and have shown how cleaning can be turned into a multi-million pound business.

This is down to, in part, sponsor deals with cleaning brands who will pay influencers to advertise their products to their social media followings.

Here we take a closer look at some of the UK's top cleaning influencers, their social media earning potential based on their following, and how they've really made their mark.

Sophie 'Mrs Hinch' Hinchcliffe

  • Social media following: Instagram – 4.7m / TikTok – N/A

Sophie Hinchcliffe, AKA Mrs Hinch, is arguably one of the most successful cleanfluencers, earning more than £3m in a year and now lives in five-bed sprawling mansion in the Essex countryside.


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However, mum-of-two Sophie has worked hard to get to where she is today, and battled crippling anxiety, self-doubt and her weight while working as a hairdresser.

Desperate to curb her anxiety, Sophie found respite in cleaning – and it was a move that really paid off.

Now, she earns money from advertising deals with well-known cleaning companies, and has written five books.

Explaining how much influencers can typically make from social media posts, Adrian Falk, founder of Believe Advertising & PR, says: "Usually the rule of thumb is 100,000 followers is approximately £400 – £500 per post, depending on who it is, and their engagement rate."

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While Sophie has one of the biggest Instagram followings she hasn't branched out on to TikTok like some of her rivals – however PR guru Adrian estimates she can command around £10.5k per Insta post.

Jenny Tsai, founder and CEO of influencer marketing agency WeArisma also estimates Mrs Hinch has a media value – which is the estimated value to a brand of using a particular influencer – of £296K.

She says: "Mrs Hinch creates aesthetically beautiful, but also genuine content and this is what drives her success.

"She has an authentic voice and shares images of her family and animals alongside her cleaning and home content, which gives her audience a more personal view into her world."

Stacey Solomon

  • Social media following: Instagram – 5.6m / TikTok – 1.9m

Stacey is now a multi-millionaire, after raking in £5million from her cleaning tips, home hacks and TV career.

She boasts a huge following both on Instagram and TikTok, making her one of the influencers with the highest earning potential – with Adrian estimating she could make over £12k per sponsored Instagram post, and £4k on TikTok.

It's not just cleaning hacks Stacey is tidying up on though, and she's also set to front a Channel 4 production called Bricking It after being signed by Reese Witherspoon.

As a result, Jenny estimates Stacey has an overall media value of £927.9k, and says: "She's built a loyal community thanks to her resonate-able 'girl next door' personality and her authenticity.

"Alongside her cleaning and home tips, she also regularly posts about her family life."

On top of her earnings, Stacey has a £1.2million home in Essex called Pickle Cottage, which she shares with husband Joe Swash, and boasts an outdoor swimming pool.

Speaking in 2012 to the Mail Online when acting as ambassador for Disney on Ice, Stacey even declared: "Cinderella is my favourite character, she is just like me: the poor girl who went from rags to riches and met her Prince Charming!"

Not even she would have perhaps realised back then how accurate that would be!

Marie Kondo

  • Social media following: Instagram – 4.2m / TikTok – 5.6k

Marie Kondo is known globally for her hugely successful Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, and has amassed a reported $8m fortune.

Impressively, the star began her tidying consultancy business at the age of just 19, after developing a love for organising as a child at the age of five.

She is yet to post to her modest TikTok following, but her estimated earnings per sponsored post are around £9,500 per instagram upload.

Jenny puts her media value at £72k, and says: "Marie Kondo's popularity is a result of her pleasant personality, along with her aesthetically pleasing and aspirational content.

"The content is typically well-staged and framed, and features light and calming colours."

Ann Russell

  • Social media following: TikTok – 2.3m // Instagram: 12k

Bucking the typical cleaning influencer trend somewhat, self-employed cleaner Ann is a bigger star on TikTok compared to Instagram, and is comparatively lesser known in the mainstream media.

However, Adrian believes she could command over £5,000 per TikTok post, where she's affectionately nicknamed ‘The TikTok Auntie’ by many for the level-headed advice she provides to followers.

The influencer has used her platform to become an author, writing two books, How To Clean Everything, and How To Save Money.

Lyndsey 'Queen of Clean' Crombie

  • Social media following: Instagram – 304k / TikTok – 88k

Lyndsey, known as the Queen of Clean, boasts an impressive but relatively modest following on both Instagram and TikTok, but has the added leverage of being an ITV This Morning regular meaning she is really cashing in.

Based on followers alone, Adrian modestly estimates she could earn around £700 per Instagram post – but actually Lyndsey's extra media work means in reality she earns significantly more.

Speaking to The Times last year, Lyndsey revealed her ambition to become a millionaire, and said: "I’m not telling you exactly what I’m paid by brands because fees vary widely, but they have been known to pay influencers with similar-sized followings to me anything from £2,000 to £100,000 a post.

"I’m not a millionaire yet, but I hope to be soon — I’m earning mid-six figures."

This wasn't always the case however, with Lyndsey admitting at one point when her eldest kids were babies she "was a single parent and had a £20 weekly food budget for nearly two years."

Kayleigh Taylor – Clean with Kayleigh

  • Social media following: Instagram – 288k / TikTok – 2.1m

Kayleigh may not be a huge household name outside of social media, however her huge TikTok following means she could earn around £4.7k per post on the social platform.

Jenny estimates she has a media value of around £75k, and says: "Kayleigh Taylor's chatty and family-centric content has helped her grow her community.

"Her content is less polished, making her seem more accessible."

Gemma Bray – The Organised Mum

  • Social media following: Instagram – 268k / TikTok – 6.7k

Gemma Bray first discovered a love for cleaning when she was a new mother, as a way to deal with anxiety, and she soon found herself cleaning for hours each day

Determined to stop cleaning from taking over her life she developed a housekeeping method that took only 30 minutes a day, and has gone on to write two best-selling books and apps.

Little is known on her fortune, but based on her Instagram following, Adrian predicts she could expect to earn at least £600 per post.

Jack Callaghan

  • Social media following: Instagram – 189k / TikTok – 658k

Jack Callaghan regularly posts videos showing off his cleaning techniques, from how he cleans his Dyson hoover filter to decluttering the kitchen, and his morning routine.

Adrian puts his earning potential is around £1.5k on TikTok and £400 on Instagram, and Jenny suggests his media value is around £52k, saying: "Jack's polished and minimal content is an easy watch for his audience, driving his popularity.

"His content tends to show you how he does it, rather than telling you what you should be doing."

Kim Woodburn

  • Social media following: Instagram – 85k / TikTok – 84k

On Instagram Kim's bio describes her as the 'Original Cleaning Queen', and she rose to fame on Channel 4 show How Clean Is Your House? alongside co-host and cleaner Aggie MacKenzie back in the early noughties.

Since then she's done everything from Celebrity Big Brother to I'm A Celebrity, and has also written an autobiography, and is believed to be a millionaire if reports are to be believed.

Adrian estimates Kim could earn around £200 per post, however this is based on her number of followers only, and her media value is estimated to be around £15k.

Speaking to the Guardian in 2003, Kim stated: "Cleaners are not respected even to this day but we are a very hard working profession, like lawyers.

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Media value data is based on analysis carried out by WeArisma, based on the influencers’ last 24 posts across all social media platforms

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