A WOMAN has revealed how she ignored ten doctors who warned her against getting bum implants, and the results left her traumatised.

Nasrin Cornfield-Smith, 37, became hooked on filler at the age of 18 and revealed she was getting injected to conquer her crippling insecurities.

Now 37, Nasrin, reveals to Fabulous how her latest surgery left her bum torn apart and oozing liquid.

The aesthetic practitioner already had filler in her bum – leading ten surgeons to refuse to give her implants, but that didn't stop Nasrin.

She adds: “I do think there was a lot of negligence on the surgeon's side because I've got a lot of bum filler and I think he probably should have said no because I asked ten other surgeons and they said no. 

“But I thought oh I’ll find someone you know, and I did, that should have been a red flag.”


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Nasrin decided to go abroad for the surgery, though she declined to say where, and was left traumatised and in agony.

She explains: “The wound opened up and you could see the implant, it was a really really bad experience.

“I wasn’t given proper aftercare, I didn't know you weren't meant to be walking around, the recovery is absolutely horrific, it's the worst surgery i've ever had. 

“I’ve never had any problems with surgery before and it could have been a lot worse than it was, but the wound was a gaping hole, I was clearing fluid out of it every day and had to fly back to the country to get it (the implants) taken out.”

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While Nasrin doesn’t see anything wrong with going to another country to have work done, she warns to be careful as there’s always one surgeon who will say yes.

Nasrin reveals she started getting cosmetic treatments at just 18 including fillers in her cheeks, chin, lips and around her eyes.

But the aesthetic practitioner reveals she was getting it done for all the wrong reasons, putting her insecurities down to celebrity culture and not feeling good about herself.

She says: “That's why I highlight to people now that you have to do the work inside because the outside work doesn't solve everything, it's a two-part process.”

Nasrin adds: “I had a lot of procedures done that were bad and by doctors who didn't tell me no, I just didn't understand and they just wanted to take money so I thought I didn’t want to be that person.”

At 31, Nasrin decided she wanted to become an aesthetic practitioner herself as she wanted to promote ethical procedures and to be honest about when surgery does go wrong.

Now at the age of 37, Nasrin says she’s had over ten procedures, and while most of them have turned out exactly how she wanted, her latest one didn’t.

Nasrin, who also shared her procedures on her TikTok account, Aesthetic Clinic London, revealed to followers the ordeal she went through with her bum implants.

The aesthetic practitioner shared her story on TikTok as she wanted to highlight some of the complications that come with surgery and finding honest surgeons and practitioners.

She adds: “I think because of the recession there are so many people who are like ‘oh I'm going to do aesthetics’ but they have no actual interest in it.

"They don't care about it they just see it as money, the level of care has gone down in some places in my personal view.”

While some people have ridiculed Nasrin on social media for her cosmetic procedures which includes fillers, lipo, bum implants, boob jobs, rhinoplasty, a cheek lift, lip lift and botox, Nasrin isn’t phased and wants to continue being transparent.

She says: “First things first is you're not in control of other people's opinions and people have a right to have an opinion.

“You shouldn't try to make people wrong for their opinion, it's completely their choice based on their past experiences and what they know.

“I just think it's about being ethical and realistic with people. People look at filters and go I want to look like a filter, you’re not going to look like a filter.

“Surgery is not filler, it's not the same thing, a lot of people now want a surgical result with a filler.”

In one TikTok video, Nasrin listed all of the procedures she had done and was stunned by the response she got.

She adds: "I was shocked by the amount of people saying thanks for being honest thanks for being transparent it just shows people are very suspicious and not believing of people."

Nasrin reveals that her attitude towards surgery has changed since she first started getting filler at 18.

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She reveals: "Before it was for the approval of other people or the admiration whereas I'm not bothered about that now. 

"I’m just like oh I like that and I can do that if I want to. It’s from a healthier place."

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