WHEN we were at school, English homework usually entailed reading a few chapters of the set text and (if we were really unlucky) writing an essay on it.

Well in an attempt to liven things up, one Texas-based teacher decided to set her students a "chivalrous" assignment to coincide with their medieval literature studies.

As part of "Chivalry Day", the high school seniors were asked to "dress in a feminine manner to please men", curtsy and walk behind them and "not complain or whine."

What's more, the girls [aged 17-18] were also told to bring homemade snacks in to school for their male classmates to enjoy and "not criticise" the boys at all.

The assignment – which was shared on Twitter by journalist Brandi D. Addison Davis – also instructed the girls that they "must not initiate conversations with males" for the entire day.

And if that wasn't enough, they were also told not to show "intellectual superiority" outside the classroom in case it "offends" their male peers.

Chivalry Day Rules:

Ladies must dress in a feminine manner to please the men (Must be within school dress code).

Ladies must address all men respectfully by title, with a lowered head and curtsy.

Ladies must not complain or whine.

Ladies must cook (preferably not buy) something for the gentlemen in their class. Sweet baked goods are preferable.

Ladies must not initiate conversations with males (with the exception of male teachers).

Ladies must walk behind men daintily as if their feet were bound.

Outside the classroom, ladies cannot show intellectual superiority if it would offend the men around them.

Ladies should clean up after the men.

Ladies must obey any reasonable request of a male. If not sure if it is considered reasonable, ladies can check with their teachers.”

Ladies must bring in root beer, ginger ale or sparkling cider for the gentlemen in their class.

At the end of Chivalry Day, the female students collected signatures from their male peers who "deemed them worthy" of one – and the girls received 10 points for each stamp of approval.

Outlining the rules of the assignment, the teacher also encouraged parents to continue Chivalry Day into the evening – and said "fathers and other adult males […] may report to the judges on these matters."

In comparison, the boys in the class were asked to dress "appropriately in jackets and ties or suits" and stand up when their female peers entered the room.

They were also asked to recite poetry to the girls, address them as "Milady" and show "courtly courtesy" by picking up anything they may drop during the day.

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"WOW," one outraged Twitter user replied. "Come on, Texas."

Another joked: "Are the male students expected to joust and fight with long swords to win a woman’s favour?"

Meanwhile, a third raged: "Chivalry is not the right word for this. Chivalry has to do with what MEN do, not women. This would be more aptly titled, 'Submission'."

Although the assignment was due to take place earlier this week, Shallowater Independent School District pulled it entirely after the "rules" went viral on Twitter.

A spokesperson told TODAY: "This assignment has been reviewed, and despite its historical context, it does not reflect our district and community values.

"The matter has been addressed with the teacher, and the assignment was removed."

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