‘SHY’ Meghan Markle is “mimicking” the Queen’s early poses in her latest couple shot with Prince Harry, according to a body language expert. 

The Duke, 36, and Duchess, 39, of Sussex released a striking new black-and-white portrait ahead of their Time100 talks on Tuesday, and it bore similarities to how Her Majesty used to sit with Prince Philip. 

Meghan could be seen grinning in a chair, with Prince Harry perched on the arm of the chair with his arm protectively around his wife. 

Judi James told Fabulous: “With her acting experience and her eloquence, passion and empathy for her causes, Meghan is undoubtedly the star of the double act now they are off making the world a better place, but this pose very cleverly places Harry in the higher and more dominant position, looking direct into the camera while Meghan giggles shyly from the chair. 

“Tellingly this pose mimics the poses the Queen first used with Philip, where he also sat leaning looking protective and manly while she smiled shyly from her chair. 

“They both show the actual higher status of the women masked by a desire to flatter the male ego via the alpha body language ritual.”

Judi added that a stark contrast between the Queen’s photos and Meghan’s pose is a “sexual” element. 

She added: “The difference with Meghan and Harry here though is the subtle sexual signal, with her arm on his thigh, suggesting they are still as besotted and tactile as when their relationship first began.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were boasted as being "among the most influential voices in the world" ahead of their appearance at the Time100 Talks. 

Themed around the topic of “Engineering a Better World,” the special episode reflected on the couple's focus "on building online communities that are trustworthy, safer, and more equitable—and what that means for supporting and accelerating progress on critical issues like gender equity, racial justice, and climate change."

In the photo, Meghan was wearing the £17,800 Cartier watch that once belonged to Harry's mother, Diana.

She also accessorised with a £5,000 Cartier 'Love' bracelet and a pinkie ring.

The royal mum-of-one was sporting a £2,000 black Alexander McQueen suit, that she previously wore to the Endeavour Fund Awards in February 2018.

Most recently, the duchess spoke at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Next Gen Virtual Summit – later accused of ripping off a Netflix documentary for her speech.

And we shared how Meghan and Prince Harry are ’embracing every moment’ with Archie during lockdown.

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