Richardson has looked to the tradition of war rugs for the its second Fall/Winter 2020 delivery. These Afghan war rugs, otherwise known as Baluchi, emerged after five decades of conflict including Soviet occupation and U.S. invasion.Inside them the instruments of war were woven and sold back to Russian and U.S. troops in Afghani territory — a propaganda economy circulating between the ranks of combat.

Titled “War Rug/Yoke,” the collection features a War Rug fleece, hoodie, T-shirt and a balaclava, this latest drop arrives in stark contrast to its first seasonal drop that featured everyday down jackets and vests.

Comprising a moleskin shirt and an engineered thermal yoke crewneck, accessories like the gym bag, nylon vinyl tote, expedition socks and the military-style headwear complete this latest release.

Richardson’s ‘War Rug/Yoke’ collection is set to launch on October 22 via the label’s webstore.

In other news, Canada Goose has teased two upcoming collaborations with JUUN.J and Concepts.
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