Pippa Middleton, 39, and James Matthews, 47, married in 2017 in St. Mark’s Church in Englefield. The bride wore a stunning Giles Deacon wedding dress, which many recognised as being similar to Kate Middleton’s lace bridal gown from 2011.

Style expert Miranda Holder exclusively told Express.co.uk: “Pippa and Kate follow a similar fashion format which works equally well for both of the sisters.

“Both of them favour figure-flattering monochromatic looks, both sisters understand the transformative power of sharp tailoring and a nude, leg-lengthening shoe, and both Kate and Pippa keep their accessories discreet and classy.

“The two sisters are very alike indeed in their tastes and both look their best in very similar garments.”

The style expert argued that there are indeed some style differences between Kate and Pippa.

Miranda added: “The main difference, of course, is that Kate is a working member of the Royal Family so sometimes dresses more modestly than her younger sister.

“The final consideration is that Kate has a bigger budget to play with, and has access to the very best of the best designers, which means that the fit of her clothes is always absolutely perfect because they are made bespoke.”

Celebrity Fashion Stylist Ellis Ranson also spoke exclusively to explain the style similarities between Kate and Pippa.

He said: “Pippa looked amazing in yellow at the Coronation, it was a soft pastel tone and was the perfect style for the event.

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“I find Kate and Pippa have quite different styles as Kate would opt for a yellow piece but it would be a brighter shade or more in the mustard tones.

“A favourite of Kate in yellow was the Wimbledon final, the colour gives an uplifting happy feel and is a great statement style.

“Considering they have the same hair colour and complexion they do tend to opt for a different colour palette, although we did see Kate in a style very similar to Pippa’s coronation look last year at the jubilee.”

The expert explained if Kate and Pippa share any style differences: “Kate and Pippa have a similar style but I feel Pippa is able to experiment more with shapes a great example is Wimbledon in 2019, the ruffle sleeve floral maxi dress and a classic Rayban.

“Pippa can play with trends more in comparison to Kate who can dip her toes in trends and really use colour and classic cuts to showcase her style.”

The founder of Eternal Goddess, Molly Elizabeth Agnew exclusively told Express.co.uk: “The stylish sisters have been known to share many fashion items over the years including leather jackets and dresses.

“Both involved in the upper echelons of society with money to spend and appearance to upkeep, it’s no real surprise that the pair of adopted a similar sartorial outlook.

“However, unsurprisingly, Pippa has the welcome ability to dress in a more casual manner more often than her royal older sibling.”

According to the expert, Kate and Pippa’s style similarities are due to their mother’s inspiration.

Molly claimed: “In fact, one can go a step further and suggest that both sisters have style similarities with their mother, Carole.

“Just last year she wore a pink ME+EM dress to Royal Ascot which her eldest daughter had previously worn at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Scotland!

“The sharing of clothes suggest the family members are close and comfortable with one another, as well as all finding inspiration in classic silhouettes, bold colours and high street brands.”

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