PEOPLE are only just realising the real reason bubble wrap was invented and it is blowing their minds.

When a delivery comes to the door many of us are more excited about popping the bubble wrap than the actually thing we ordered.

But it turns out that bubble wrap wasn't made to keep your packages safe in transit.

The random fact Twitter account @qikipedia revealed that the stress-relieving plastic wrap was in fact made to be used as wallpaper around the home.

They wrote: "Bubble wrap was invented by mistake, when an attempt to create textured wallpaper went wrong."

Yep, imagine that on your walls.


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Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes developed the Bubble Wrap in 1957 to be used as 3D wallpaper.

They stuck two sealed shower curtains together and then trapped pockets of air inside.

The interior design trend clearly didn't take off, so they quickly repurposed it to safely deliver packages.

People on Twitter were stunned to learn about it's original use.

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While qikipedia claimed it was invented by mistake, many disagreed.

One person wrote: "What a glorious mistake!"

Another commented: "At least something good came out of the horror that was textured wallpaper."

"Great. Thanks a lot, @qikipedia, now I want bubble wrap wall paper. I hope you're happy," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Greatest invention -by -mistake ever."

"It has been giving grown ups moments of joy ever since,” claimed a fifth.

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