MUMS have started tying ribbons to their bags and buggies – and it's for an important reason.

The new campaign is dubbed The Mum Ribbon Movement, and is seeing parents attach fabric of all colours and textures to their essential items.

The sweet idea was dreamed up by mum-of-three Anna Mathur in the hopes of helping those who may be struggling.

The psychotherapist explained a ribbon on the handbag or pushchair shows other mothers you're willing to offer a helping hand if they need.

She said this could mean you'd happily give over a spare nappy, are willing to offer a listening ear, or even a hug.

But Anna explained it could also mean you're welcome to others coming to help you if you need.

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Recalling a moment she wished the campaign existed, she told The Mirror: "I was juggling three kids down the high street, one was screaming and the other two lagging behind. I felt utterly depleted and was fighting back tears.

"I looked around me and saw strangers, other mums, families, and people on their own. I wished so much that I could have turned to someone at that moment, for a kind word, a warm smile, or an extra hand to distract a child.

"I felt like a couple of people could see me struggling but may have worried I'd feel offended if they offered to help."

The 37-year-old said the ribbons were an easy way to start that connection – should any mum need help.

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Anna said: "The ribbons aren't just pretty additions [to our bags], but powerful statements of permission. Permission to offer practical help and kind words. Permission to ask for them too."

The mum took to social media to share the movement, which she said saw it take off, adding: "The reaction has been immense.

"I created a shareable post that has been shared thousands of times and achieved over 22 thousand likes in 48 hours.

"I have received hundreds of messages and replies from people wanting to support the idea through their businesses, communities, and even hospitals.

"I truly believe that the ribbons can help cut through the awkwardness and uncertainty of approaching someone to offer support.

"Who knows what conversations and connections could occur?"

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