PARENTS scared of taking their two-year-old daughter on her first flight have been praised for making adorable ‘thank you’ packs for the air hostesses.

The mum and dad shared a photo of the treat bags they put together for the staff – and people love the idea. 

Taking to Facebook, the mum wrote: “Few weeks back I put a post on asking for advice for flying and being abroad with a toddler and I had over 1,000 people commenting with advice so I had a lot to read through and take on board (a lot saying don't do it hahaha).

“Well, we flew on Sunday! And she was absolutely amazing!..

“We had the iPad with downloaded stuff, sticker books, lots of snacks, Calpol for her ears, and bought her own seat. 

“We were the last to board. 

“I also looked on Pinterest for a few other ideas and made little treat bags for the air hostesses and pilots. 

“They loved them and were so grateful!”

The mum added that her daughter was the only child on the whole flight so they felt more pressure when they boarded. 

But thankfully she was “fab the whole way.”

The mum continued: “She made lots of adult friends,  got a shout out off the pilots and even got to meet them and sit in the cockpit!! 

“The best start to the holiday.

“We are now using other recommendations for the holiday such as backpack reins, paddling pool for the beach/swimming pool/shower and talcum powder for the beach (which was very grateful hahaha)…

She made lots of adult friends,got a shout out off the pilots and even got to meet them and sit in the cockpit!!

“So thank you ! You made these first time parents experience much more relaxed.”

Many people were highly impressed at the idea of the packs, with one writing: “How lovely! Love the treat bags!

"My husband has been a pilot for over 20 years and he has never been given a gift from a passenger!!”

Another added: “Great to see you had a lovely experience.”

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