PARENTS-to-be may name their baby after a family member to pay tribute.

One content creator revealed that her sister wanted to name her child after her late grandmother.

But, the Redditor (@Own_Friend_7389) explained in a viral thread that her grandma didn’t like her birth name.

She revealed that her sibling told family members she wanted to name her daughter Josephine after their grandmother Josephine Rose.  

The mom-to-be's parents seemed to love the idea, while her siblings were unsure.

The Redditor admitted that she understood the sentiment, but warned her sibling:  “Grandma hated her name Josephine, and she wanted people to call her Rosie.”

She explained in the thread: “My sister was shocked and asked why she never knew, and I told her it was because grandma was sick by the time, she was old enough to really remember her.”

The Redditor revealed that the grandmother’s husband and pals used to call her Rosie, rather than Josephine.

She said that her grandma used to sign off letters using the name Rosie.   

The mom-to-be asked her siblings for advice, prompting her brother to warn that naming the child Josephine wouldn’t constitute a tribute to their grandmother.

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She then spoke to her parents and “all hell broke loose,” according to the Reddit thread.

The poster said: “My sister conceded that it was true, but said I still shouldn’t have told her and only did it to discourage her from using the name.”

Redditors thought that the mom-to-be should name their child Rosie if they wanted to pay tribute to her grandmother.

A social media user (@historian1860) believed the woman was right to inform her sister about the backstory surrounding their grandmother’s name.

Princess Reptile said: “It wasn't done maliciously; you were telling her the truth.”

Meanwhile, The U.S. Sun reported how one parent-to-be caused a stir when they suggested naming their child “Bolus.”

Mom-of-two Brooke Scheurn left readers divided when she revealed that she had named her daughter Clove.

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