FINDING the 'perfect' Christmas gift for somebody can often prove difficult – especially if you don't know them too well.

And when it comes to buying a present for a colleague at work, it can be even more complicated.

It may be somebody you don't work closely with or the new start in the office – leaving you clueless about their likes and interests.

This can lead to many people taking part in Secret Santa to buy "safe" presents such as chocolates, sweets or even a beauty set for their colleague.

One woman, however, has revealed a friend received the "worst Secret Santa present ever" from a mystery co-worker.

And people on social media have said they would have cried if they had opened the Christmas gift.

Speaking on TikTok, the woman said: "So if you’re in the UK or from America and you have an office job you might have been blessed enough to have opened a Secret Santa present this December.

"And I mean you might have, you know, in your time had like a s*** Secret Santa present, one that is unsuited to you.

"But I have to show you the worst Secret Santa present my pal Julie got.

"I message her every year about this Secret Santa and I get her to send me the photo of it every single year.

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"Beautiful heart shaped gift box for her Secret Santa at her job.

"She was so excited to open it."

But at this point, the office gift took a drastic turn.

The TikTok user continued: "And can you imagine her surprise when she gets this. Guys, that’s a taxidermy duckling with a Santa hat on. 

"A taxidermy duckling a man gave my pal thinking that was an appropriate Secret Santa gift in front of everybody. 

"Can you f***ing imagine?

"What’s wrong with a bottle of Prosecco?

"What’s wrong with folk?

"Some folk love taxidermy but what if she was vegetarian?"

In the social media clip, the taxidermied duckling can be seen nestled in a mass of pink shredded tissue paper with a tiny Santa hat on its head.

The video has racked up more than 71,000 views in less than 24 hours.

And people are divided over the very unusual gift.

One said: "I think I would scream."

A second wrote: "I would cry if someone presented me with a stuffed dead baby animal."

Meanwhile a third added: "Nah, that would be enough to give me PTSD. I wouldn’t be returning to work in the New Year."

But others insisted they would love the duckling, as one described it as their "dream gift" and another said: "No because I’d be obsessed with that."

Someone else agreed: "If she doesn’t want it I will happily take it from her."

And a fourth added: "Not going to lie, I’d love that as a present. The shape of the box would concern me more."

Unfortunately for them, the taxidermied duckling has since found its forever home as the TikTok user revealed: "It was traded years ago for a Ronan Keating calendar."

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