DOCTORS advise waiting six weeks after giving birth before having sex again.

And one woman found out the hard way that they don't just say that for fun – as she ended up falling pregnant again just weeks after having her first child.

Abi took to Instagram to reveal her unique story, sharing a video of her two girls.

Over the top, she wrote the question she's asked on an almost daily basis: "Are they twins?"

"No, I had them 10 months apart," Abi replied, before further detailing her story in the Reel caption.

"I gave birth to my first baby and by the time I was 12 days postpartum I felt great!" she wrote.

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"Soooo I figured the whole wait-6-weeks thing kinda didn’t apply to me."

Three weeks later she started to feel "super tired, nauseous, sore breasts, had to pee all the time".

But her six week postnatal check was coming up, so she took the opportunity to explain her symptoms to the doctor, who said he would do some blood and urine tests to see what was going on.

"He walked back in the room and looked as if he’d seen a ghost," she continued.

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"He said, 'Your urine came back positive for hCG, indicating another pregnancy.

'I think we should test again because there’s no way that’s possible.'

"We tested again. And again. It was positive all 3 times. I was pregnant again!

"And 9 months later my second baby girl, Jane, was born and our lives have never been the same."

She concluded her caption by revealing the moral of the story – "just wait the 6 weeks".

People in the comments section were quick to advise Abi of the real reasons mums are advised to wait six weeks before having sex.

"Why aren't doctors telling their patients that you wait 6 weeks because your cervix takes that long to close and the chance of infection is dangerously high??" one wrote.

"You don't wait 6 weeks based on how you 'feel'!"

"Girl you're supposed to wait 6 weeks to heal and so you don't get infections," another said.

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"You are also very fertile after pregnancy. The doctors freaking tell you this.

"You should be listening to them for your body's sake."

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