FOR estate agent Annie Smith-Rees, 29, time is of the essence when it comes to sex with her partner.

Annie said her partner Joshua Waters, 29, a carpenter, can last in the bedroom for 90 minutes, and it interferes with her reality TV schedule — and even makes her late for work.

Annie revealed she now has to tell him to finish fast so she doesn’t miss Love Island each night.

She says: “Joshua and I have a great relationship in the bedroom. We make love up to five times a week and he can last for an hour-and-a-half.

“But sometimes he doesn’t realise when it’s time for a quickie.”

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Annie says: “I first told Joshua to wrap it up midway through sex about two years ago. I’d already climaxed and could tell he was going for a long performance.

“But I needed to catch up on emails and do household chores. I remember blurting out, ‘Babes, finish up now, will you?’.

“Josh looked surprised but did as I asked. More recently, when 9pm is approaching, I’ve had to tell him to, ‘Finish fast before Love Island starts’.”

The couple, who live in Barry in Wales, met online through a backpackers’ Facebook group in August 2016.

Joshua was visiting Australia, while Annie was planning her own trip there. So they started messaging and speaking over FaceTime.

Joshua and I have a great relationship in the bedroom. We make love up to five times a week and he can last for an hour and a half.

When Joshua moved on to New Zealand, Annie flew halfway round the world to join him on his travels.

She says: “It was scary but I went with my heart. We met in person for the first time in November 2016 and I moved straight into his flat.

“The sex was amazing and we knew we were in love from that first meeting. 

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“Within six weeks we discovered I was pregnant, so we moved to my home town of Cardiff in April 2017.”

In October that year, they had daughter Isla, now three.

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