A UK-based blonde has claimed she's fed up of people constantly asking if her massive boobs give her back pain.

Maddison Fox, who started her plastic surgery journey at the age of 21, said her two girls are so gigantic everyone always wonders if she experiences back pain.

''Oh gosh, if I had a pound every time someone asked me this question…''

Despite concerns, the 30-year-old insisted there was no back issues to be worried about.

''I have zero back pain! How many times do I have to say it?!

''Although they are abnormally large, I'm not 80,'' Maddison chuckled in the video.

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To ensure her body functions properly and the girls have extra support, Maddison also regularly works out, with a special focus on core exercises.

''And thirdly,'' she added, ''Fake breasts sit behind the muscle, so their weight is evenly distributed across my chest.''

Sharing her story and why she's desperate to achieve the blow-up doll look, the woman explained she's done it for herself.

''I'm an advocate for people just doing whatever it is that they want to do.

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''Whoever or whatever they want to be – you should do that.''

Despite understanding that some people may have an issue with ''fakery'' and her three boob jobs, Maddison said she's happy now – and that's key.

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''I like the way that I look,'' the beauty lover claimed, adding she might be making them even better this year.

''I haven't changed for anybody else but myself, for me and my future.

Although since joining TikTok the blonde has seen a lot of negative comments left by trolls, it doesn't affect her as much.

''There's nothing that somebody's saying to me that I haven't said to myself before.

''It comes from a place of genuinely not actually caring what people think about me.

''If I didn't want to stand out from the crowd and draw attention to me , I obviously wouldn't have got bazookas like this.

''I know I look different – and I'm proud of that,'' she hit back at all the meanies.

Fellow social media users flocked to comments to thank Maddison for being so open, with one writing: ''Madison I respect you for your choice. I love you.

''So you be you. Who cares about what else anybody thinks about you.''

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Another supportive viewer added: ''The truth about heaters is 99% of it is jealousy and the other 1%is attention seeker. Keep on being fabulous girl.''

''Really love how you can speak on things in depth and open up when the time is right but be a bad B at the same time,'' someone else left a positive comment.

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