A TECH-SAVVY mom has come up with a genius way to keep her little one from messing with her phone.

Turning on a setting will let toddlers hold your screens without pushing unwanted buttons, she said.

Posting to the Instagram account @moms_gadgets, which offers product reviews for parents, the mom said your toddler will no longer wreak havoc on your device.

“Phone hack: Your baby is playing with your phone,” the clip began.

While many of us allow our young ones to watch videos or FaceTime on our iPhones, we don’t want them to start clicking buttons and exit the screen.

To prevent this, go to settings, then hit accessibility and turn on guided access.

Once that is set, go back to the desired app for your little one – be that YouTube or a game – and click on your iPhone's side button three times in a row.

You will watch the screen zoom out and a button that says "options" will appear at the bottom left.

Once on the options screen, ensure that everything is turned off: motion, software keyboards, touch, and time limit.

Click “start” and you will be led back to the screen – but this time, touching it won’t get you anywhere.

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To turn it off, simply click the side button again three times and hit “exit.”

Many viewers were thankful for the useful tidbit.

“Thank you. My daughter is always clicking off of her Ms. Rachel,” one person wrote.

“This will be great for video calls,” noted another.

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