WE don't know about you, but we seem to be forever running out of space on the clothes dryer.

Luckily there's a little-known function on dryers that few people are aware of – until now.

People have been talking about the nifty feature, which features on many drying racks and allows you to fit loads of extra garments on.

Taking to a Facebook group for cleaning fanatics, one woman asked what each of the attachments on her new rack was intended for.

Like the mum who posed the question, some members of the group admitted they were 'puzzled' and 'couldn't picture' what the plastic attachment was used for.

But comments soon poured in from people who handily pointed out the little plastic part which allows small items like underwear and socks to dry without taking up too much room.

One person said, "You slot your socks and undies in there, it is fantastic." They even hared a photo of their smalls drying on the rack, demonstrating how easy the function is.

Another chimed in, saying that they love the attachments as they save "precious space on the drying rack".

The corner of your undies or socks easily slot through the gaps on the trying rack, saving you loads of space and allowing items to dry evenly.

If your drying rack isn't equipped with one of these nifty attachments, don't worry as you can buy them separately.

One said: "I have some removable ones called Grippies which I use on my normal washing line. I love it – it is so good for tea towels and socks and undies."

Some shops call the little accessories "sock clips," while others call them "laundry hooks".

You can nab a Home Peg Bag with 80 Pegs & 2 Sock Clips for just £10 in Argos.

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