CHRISTMAS is the season of eating, but that can mean you quickly run out of room in your fridge. 

The turkey, trimming and snacks take up a lot of room, so if you were thinking of reducing your food shop as you can’t fit it all in – all you need to do is head over to your oven. 

We don’t mean store groceries in your oven, rather grab the oven racks and use them as another shelf in your fridge. 

A mum shared her clever hack to Facebook, revealing she pops the grills on top of trays and dishes in her fridge – creating another surface which she can stack food on top of. 

She shared a snap of her now five-tier fridge, saying: “Remember to use your cooling racks for extra space around the holidays.

“I seriously have no idea how I never thought of this!

Remove the shelves and use your cooling racks to stack

“Remove the shelves and use your cooling racks to stack.” 

If you don’t have enough oven racks – or cooling up some of that food – you can always use a chopping board instead. 

Her idea went down a storm online, with one person raving: “That is super smart!”

Another wrote: “Right!!!!! Oh my!!!! You so smart!!!!”

A third commented: “Awesome!!! AND the garage if possible.”

While this person added: “I love this.” 

Meanwhile this dad accidentally incinerates family’s Elf On The Shelf after turning on oven where they were hiding.

And this mum who asked for help decorating her kitchen is mercilessly mocked for her tiny ‘Barbie’ oven.

Plus this cleaner faced with cooker thick with caked-on grime even Oven Pride didn’t work on gets it spotless with TIN FOIL.

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