A MUM has revealed her hack for getting her clothes to dry in half the time – and says it is a godsend when it's raining.

The savvy woman said all you need is a fan to halve your laundry sessions and get more washing loads done. 

Taking to the Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, she said: “Not really lockdown related but a hack I discovered today!

“2 loads of washing and raining on and off. Put your fan on and place the maiden In front!

“Not only does it dry your clothes and they feel as fresh as being outside, keeps you cool but most importantly my house smells soooo nice!”

Since uploading her tip this week, her post has racked up over 1,700 "likes" from impressed homeowners. 

One called it a “game-changer”, and another added: “I’ve been doing this for years. It works a treat! I sometimes put a fan on either side of the rack!”

Meanwhile, a second person wrote: “Love the idea.”

And a third offered a further piece of advice, and said: “Hang all clothes on hangers to dry. You’d be surprised what then doesn’t need ironing!”

A cleaning fanatic shows how to get perfect-smelling laundry and all you need is a cheap sponge.

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