GETTING your kids ready for going back to school can be stressful, but one woman went the extra mile in ensuring that her child had everything she needed.

TikTok user uploaded a video showing how she packed a small make-up bag full of essentials – and people were amazed.

She wrote: “Back to school essentials/emergency kit! 

“Do you have a kit and if so what do you have in yours?”

First of all she packed a plastic pouch full of wet wipes and also a First Aid kit with plasters, tape and ear buds.

She then added breath mints, breath spray, toothpicks – and then sanitary towels, tampons, period pain medication and deodorant.

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Laura then put lip balm, hand cream, chewing gum, hand sanitiser into the pack.

She added: “There’s a couple of items that I didn't put in the bag just because she carries them on the side of her backpack.

“It’s my daughter’s first year in high school so I wanted to make sure she has everything she needs for her or a friend in need.”

Her video has racked up over 100,000 likes, and people were amazed.

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One person said: “I wanna go to school just to have this.”

Another added: “What kinda witchcraft magic did you use to make that bag hold all that. 

“Please teach us great one. love it.”

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However, many people were quick to say their school would have taken some items away from them back in their day.

One said: “we would get suspended if we got caught carrying any kind of meds even over the counter. Had to be given by the nurse.”

A second agreed: “At our school it’s expulsion!”

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