“We have been together for so long we basically feel married already so waiting another year is turning out to be okay for us,” she explains. “It’s less about “getting married” and more about celebrating our love with the people we love the most.”

For now, the Nashville-based couple are making the most of the extra time inside during quarantine — Skriver says her future husband has "created some of the best art of his career" over the past few months, and she has been adapting to at-home photoshoots.

"It’s been a lot of fun," the supermodel says of modeling during the pandemic. "It’s actually taught me a lot because now I have to be my own team. Hair, makeup, lighting, and directing — I am on my own for the most part."

The only thing she is not in charge of? Photography. Luckily, she's stuck inside with a multi-talented artist who's "really good behind the camera."

"It's been absolutely amazing doing it with my fiancé," Skriver says. "It’s been a great bonding experience for me to bring him into my work world a little."

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