MEGHAN Markle hilariously told a crystal seller "I have healing powers" before rubbing a rock on her HEAD in a side-splitting Ellen DeGeneres Show prank.

The Duchess of Sussex was also forced to tell a man selling hot sauce: "Mummy" wants some heat before munching tortilla chips like a chipmunk in the hilarious scenes.

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During her appearance today on Ellen DeGeneres's famed chat show, it was revealed the former actress, 40, was keen to take part in one of the program's famed pranks.

Ellen, 63, tells the audience: "When Meghan and I were talking about her doing the show, the first thing you said to me was 'I want to do one of those IFBs'."

An IFB, otherwise known as an interruptible foldback, is a tiny earpiece worn by a celeb – as Ellen feeds them cringe-worthy instructions to make a total fool of themselves in public.

She explains that Meghan was forced to take an interesting shopping trip, visiting stalls on the Warner Bros lot where the show is filmed.

With an "assistant" – really one of Ellen's writers, named Alison – by her side, Meg is marched over to a group of trestle tables with workers selling cookies, crystals and hot sauce.

Ellen tells the assistant to walk over and introduce herself as "Pawama," the "executive assistant" to Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex.

She then has to tell the sellers to "act normally" as Meghan is heading over and wants to shop.

The chat show host then goads the assistant to say "Thank you" at least five times before collapsing into giggles.

Ellen then instructs Meghan, via IFB, to touch her elbow, and then her nose – to confirm she can hear her.

With a dead-pan face she tells Meghan to do a squat if she can hear her as Meg, clearly embarrassed, takes a deep breath before lunging into a hilariously low squat.

The audience then collapse into laughter.

In a sing-song voice, Ellen tells Meghan to say everything she tells her to – before instructing Meg to happily yell: "It's a lovely, lovely, lovely day!"

She heads over to a crystal seller, as Ellen instructs her to repeat all manner of silly things about how much she loves to shop.

"Can I touch things? Watch me Pawama," she is told to say as she fondles the crystals – much to the audience's amusement.

She then exclaims: "I have healing powers! Can you feel my powers?"

Ellen then asks her to tell everyone to be silent, before she picks up a large black crystal and holds it against her HEAD as the bemused seller looks on.

She then begins to chant as the audience once again collapses into peels of laughter.

At the next table – selling bottles of hot sauce- Ellen gets her to tell the vendor: "Mummy wants some heat".


She then is instructed to gobble up samples of increasingly spicier sauces "like a chipmunk," baring her teeth and gnashing down on the tortilla chips with her hands right up to her mouth.

Ellen also makes her bounce up and down with excitement, and talk about how her "boo" loves hot sauce.

And when Ellen forces Meghan to request the hottest sauce – she also makes sure she shoves the whole chip in her mouth, before singing "I'm feeling hot, hot hot."

She then has to fish out a baby's bottle of milk from a mysterious handbag that she doesn't know the contents of – and swig it.

Other hilarious parts of the prank include Meghan and Alison donning cat ears and singing about being kittens – which Ellen makes Meg say she does to "entertain" her kids.

She also makes the Duchess scoff a cookie like a chipmunk as crumbs fall from her lips, all while referring to herself as "mummy".

Ellen's other cringe-worthy escapades include forcing Meg to make a joke with no punchline before goading the confused vendor into pretending she understands.

Eventually -after just over six excruciating minutes – the host hurries over, to put everyone out of their misery.

She explains it's all a joke – and she's been telling Meg what to say the whole time.

As they bid goodbye, Meghan says: "The cookies were delicious, so is the hot sauce – love the crystals!"

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