A MCDONALD'S employee has joked they could potentially lose their job after spilling behind-the-scenes secrets from the famous fast food chain.

They revealed that while you may love the onions that come on your Big Mac or Double Cheeseburger, they're not actually as fresh as you'd like to think.

TikTok user @_chloe_trent_ shared a video online that has now been watched over 2.3million times of how the onion topping is really cooked.

She revealed that instead of freshly sliced onions, McDonald's uses packets of dried onion chunks.

"Your yummy onions on your burger," she teased, as the video showed a packet of chopped onions being dropped into water and stirred with a spoon.

Scooping up a spoonful of onions to show the camera, she joked: "i’m gonna get fired for dis one (sic)."

Thousands of people commented on the post, but it turns out McDonald's lovers, however, weren't hugely surprised by the revelation.

One person posted: "They’re the best part of the burger! If you’re expecting freshly diced onions, you’re in the wrong place."

Another said: "Do you not understand the concept of dehydration or what? They aren't gonna pay to ship water get real (sic)."

A third teased: "Bruh we ordering from mcdonald's I don't really think anyone is concerned about HEALTH."

"What did we expect tho (sic)," commented one more, while another was clearly a fan, adding: "I would die for McDonald’s onions. Can we buy these bags?"

Not everyone was on board, though, with one viewer posting: "This grosses me out."

A spokesperson for McDonald's Australia confirmed to news.com.au that rehydrated onions are used on Big Macs, cheeseburgers and hamburgers on offer, as they ensure customers get "the same great tasting flavours they know and love".

They did, however, add: "All other products with onion, including the Quarter Pounder, use fresh, locally-sourced onions."

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