A MAN whose parents own a few McDonald’s branches has revealed insider secrets on what really happens in the fast food restaurant.

TikTok user Stephen Patula, who posts under @patulafamilymcdonalds, said that he works in his family’s franchise chain and gets paid just like everybody else. 

On his account, he shared numerous behind-the-scenes details, including how he gives away free McDonald’s to unsuspecting customers.

Speaking in a video, he said: “Sometimes I like to randomly make somebody’s day.

“The other day somebody’s car broke down at the Drive-Thru.

“A couple of co-workers and I went out and pushed their car into a parking spot.

“I knew they were already having a terrible day so I went in and just took care of their meal for them.

“Occasionally when somebody’s card declines I’ll take care of that as well.

“I know getting free food can change the outlook on your whole day.”

He also shared exactly what the McDonald’s till looks like to staff.

Stephen said: “We start with breakfast, now we are going to cycle to breakfast two, and then lunch.”

The McDonald’s fanatic showed how staff can easily select each option depending on what section it is located on the menu.

Life certainly is busy working in his branch, and he revealed they can serve around 1,500 cars each day in the Drive-Thru.

Stephen also replied to fans asking if he gets paid for working at McDonald’s even though his parents own some of the branches.

He said: “The answer is yes, I get paid a salary so that means I get treated like everybody else.

“I could get written up, suspended or even terminated.

“The only perk I get is free food and I’m definitely ok with that.”


He added that his brothers, Paul and Patrick, also started working in the family McDonald’s around the same time in 2008.

Paul now owns one of his own McDonald’s branches, but Patrick now works as an electrical lineman.

The trickiest menu item to make, according to Stephen, are the premium wraps. 

He described the process as “awful” as it was “time-consuming”, but said they tasted amazing.

And he raved about fillet-o-fish as being the most underrated item they serve.

Stephen said: “Seeing as it’s the only sandwich that comes with a steamed bun, it’s like every single bite you take out of it is like out of a little cloud.”

Stephen replied to a fan who asked if McDonald’s uses real eggs and confirmed that they do.

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