Kate Middleton's style tips revealed

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“Kate Middleton has five looks and that’s it,” a style and fashion expert has claimed. Ellie-Jean, a personal stylist, detailed how Kate leans on these to create a cohesive look.

“Let’s look at five outfit templates you can steal from Kate Middleton that she uses relentlessly,” she said.

Ellie-Jean, who specialises in helping people to “find peace” with their wardrobes and has a huge online community with 500K followers on her TikTok account @bodyandstyle and 211K subscribers on her YouTube account, went on: “I believe those are the key to having a really defined sense of style, having silhouettes you come back to again and again, based on your style roots.”

The fashion expert used her own method of categorising style, referencing natural influencers.

She claims there are a number of style roots, including “flower”, “fire” and “mountain”. The influencer has created a quiz you can take here to work out yours.

Ellie-Jean went on: “Kate’s roots are mushroom, mountain and flower. Mushroom means elegant, clean and classic. Mountain means powerful, strong and formal. Flower means delicate, sweet and cute.” These basically set the foundation for Kate’s five outfit shapes.”

Ellie-Jean also referenced the famous Kibbe Body Types theory, created by David Kibbe, a beauty guru and fashion expert, as well as colour season theory.

Ellie-Jean previously spoke with Express.co.uk about how to find your Kibbe body type.  She explained: “Kate’s body type is flamboyant natural, so her dominant features and vertical and horizontal. Her colour season is soft summer.”

Being cool summer means, according to the theory, that Kate suits cool and muted colours. Being a “flamboyant natural” is described by Kibbe as having a tall and broad body shape with somewhat angular features.

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These are key, Ellie-Jean says, to understanding why Kate looks good in what she wears. Then, she addressed Kate’s “five looks”.

“Template one,” Ellie-Jean explained, “culottes, a statement top and a day shoe. This is my all-time favourite Kate outfit.”

Kate’s second outfit template is a belted shirt dress and heels. Her third is a coatdress, heels and a hat – depending on the occasion.

For more casual looks, incorporating trousers, Ellie-Jeans claims Kate has two more looks, “jeans, a blazer and flat or chunky shoes” and a “flared leg, a long coat and heels.”

“It’s like clockwork and I love it,” the fashion expert said.

Kate is well known for being always perfectly turned out. She has a wealth of fashion experts and stylists working with her, and a host of style tricks up her sleeve.

This includes wearing a certain colour that was a favourite of the Queen’s. Stylist Miranda Holder spoke to Express.co.uk to explain why.

She said: “Kate’s favourite colour, the most frequent colour that she wears is blue.

“A bit like the Queen. That’s no mistake. that’s perfectly appropriate.”

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