This is the year I pledge to perfect my capsule wardrobe. I have a lot of clothes, but when it comes to getting dressed, the sheer number of items I have doesn't make it easier to come up with outfits; it only makes it harder. And if I'm being honest, I only really wear, say, 10 pieces regularly, one of which is a trusty pleated skirt. 

Whenever I struggle to piece together a look, dislike all my clothes (tbh, we all have those days), or want something that's fancy but still comfortable, my pleated skirt has proven to be the ideal pick. It's elevated and fashion-forward, yet offers a move-with-you fit that's ideal for all occasions. Plus, it also looks like I actually tried, even though the piece is incredibly simple. It's probably the most no-fuss, versatile staple in my closet.

While I'm not friends with Kate Middleton or Kelly Ripa, I can tell that they, like me, are also fans of the pleated skirt. How do I know this? I've seen both of them in the style constantly, that's how. The Duchess has been wearing her mid-length skirts in various colors and patterns for years now, making headlines last year for a bold cheetah-print iteration and, most recently, a bright-red number that inspired me to also invest in some crimson pleats. 

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Ripa regularly wears pleated skirts on Live with Kelly and Ryan. Of course, her on-air wardrobe is always impressive, but the fact that she chooses to wear this particular skirt trend on repeat — when she likely has access to so much else —  says a lot about the look. 

The talk show host styles her pleated midis with classic staples like sleek button-downs and polished sweaters, Middleton most often wears hers with fitted turtleneck sweaters, and I wear mine with, well, all of the above — think fancy blouses, sleek sweaters, oversized knits, crop tops, and more. And therein lies the beauty of this skirt: it goes with everything! 

My current pleated skirt collection includes the perfect mix of classic and trendy options, like a black pleated number and a beige one, both of which read as timeless, as well as trendier options like my latest bright-red addition and this floral-print piece I plan on wearing nonstop this spring. I'm also currently eyeing this cool take on pleats (a little more subtle, if you will), and this vivid teal pick, because 2022 is also the year I pledge to step outside of my comfort zone and wear more color.

Shop some of the best pleated skirts on the internet below to see what all the hype is about. You'll love yours. Pinky promise.

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