A MAN has claimed he’s the ultimate hatfish – and has even gone as far as to apologise to those he tricked. 

Tavae Sauni, known online as @tavs_life, took part in the viral TikTok ‘hatfish challenge’ where men and women reveal what they really look like. 

But now people on TikTok are calling for the content creator to shave his head after he shared he’s experiencing some hair loss on the top of his head.

In a new reel, he said: “TikTok, this is a new challenge. It’s called the ‘hatfish challenge’. 

“This goes out to all the hat people out there. 

“If you wear a hat or know someone that wears a hat, tag them so they can do this challenge. 


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 “All we’re going to do is take our hats off and show the world what’s under there.”

During the 24-second video, Tavea is seen wearing a beige beanie, with only his dark sideburns visible.

However, he then pulls it off to reveal his short, chocolate-brown hair, and a patch where he’s balding in the middle. 

At the end, he added: “I’m sorry.”

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His honesty attracted plenty of attention online, gaining more than 123,200 likes and 829,100 views. 

In the comments, other TikTok users shared their reactions – with some even calling for him to shave his head. 

One wrote: “Can I just say you would ROCK a bald head and twisted moustache. Just saying just saying.”

“Aww! Just shave it all off it would look so much better! Bald is best!” another said.

A third added: “No need to apologise. Love who you are bro!”

Someone else put: “That ‘I’m sorry’ broke my heart.”

TikTokker Sarah commented: “don’t say sorry bb. You’re lovely and attractive with and without the hat!!”

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