ONE midsize fashion blogger was eager to try Kim Kardashian's SKIMS, so she ordered a collection of pieces from the brand.

After trying on everything from casual clothing to shapewear, she had strong opinions about the quality and fit – and concerns about one NSFW look.

London-based Mollie Campsie is an ex-model who shares beauty, fashion, and lifestyle advice on her YouTube channel, where she has 29.3k subscribers.

In a recent video, Campsie tried on a SKIMS haul that took her by surprise, especially where sizing was concerned.

"I've never tried anything from SKIMS," Campsie revealed at the start of the video.

She explained that she hoped the SKIMS haul would be able to replace several outdated staples in her capsule wardrobe. "I'm convinced that if this works, this will be the most important foundation of my wardrobe," Campsie said.


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To start, Campsie, who is a US size 14, tried the slip dress in a size XL.

"It's really comfortable, it's very flattering," she said, admiring the super-soft fabric.

And even with the slightly loose fit, Campsie felt totally supported in the $78 lounge dress.

"I feel completely fine not wearing a bra with it," Campsie said. She said that while the dress didn't feel tight on her hips, she felt "well-held" by the stretchy fabric.

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Next, Campsie tried on another SKIMS dress: the long-sleeved lounge slip in grey, $88. She said the length was perfect for her tall frame, but might not be a great fit for shorter women.

Campsie preferred the long-sleeve version of the dress to the spaghetti-strap style, especially for versatility's sake.

"What I like about this one is that my bra can be hidden perfectly," she said, showing the ample shoulder coverage that would hide any bra straps.

Then Campsie moved on from dresses into other staples. She ordered one of the $54 SKIMS t-shirts, but in a larger size than her other pieces – the sold-out shirt was only available in a size 2X.

The stretchy fabric still hugged her body, but there was one problem with the material.

"It's coming up slightly see-through on camera. You can see this nude bra, which is a little bit annoying," Campsie said, adding that the shirt didn't seem translucent when she looked in the mirror.

She pointed out that the fabric was less opaque when stretched, and pulled the fabric over her elbow to showcase just how see-through it can be.

Then Campsie moved on from casual clothes to underwear, pairing the plunge bralette with a matching pair of ribbed shorts.

"This is like an off-white set," Campsie said as she opened the packaging. She admitted she was not expecting a lot of support from the bra and was anxious about how the high-waisted underwear might look.

The moment the clothes were on, Campsie knew her gut feeling had been correct.

"I was right on the briefs," she told her viewers. "They're not flattering, not comfortable, and I wouldn't wear them."

But the bralette, while not supportive, was very flattering, Campsie said, and would probably become a staple in her closet.

Finally, Campsie moved on to the SKIMS shapewear collection, starting off with the sculpting bodysuit, $62.

Once she was snapped into the snug clothing, Campsie said that the shapewear felt much too tight in some areas, which she'd been warned about.

"Yes, it's difficult to get on," Campsie said as she wiped away sweat from the laborious dressing process, but added the result was "very, very flattering."

The bodysuit, despite being "way too tight" around the hips, would look lovely with a pair of flowy trousers or under a loose summer dress. She'd ordered a size XL based on the sizing chart, but planned to swap it for a larger size.

"I'm going to size up in this one, for sure," Campsie said.

Campsie tried out another underwear set to end her review, pairing the seamless sculpting bra with a matching brief, each $32.

"Again, it's way smaller," she said, laughing at the shriveled-up shaping bra as she held it in front of the camera. "I hope it looks good on."

Campsie squeezed into the bra first, then came back on camera, hands over her chest.

"I will be covering myself here, because it is see-through," she explained. The transparent fabric didn't bother her, since the bra was meant to be an undergarment anyway, but she wasn't "mega impressed" by the bra's shaping or support qualities.

Once she had the briefs on, Campsie had a fully-formed opinion about this particular SKIMS set. "I hate it! It's so bad," she said, still covering her chest for modesty.

The top of the briefs reached the bottom edge of the bra, but the fabric didn't leave a sculpted, shaped result – it just left her in pain.

"I don't know what this would do for me, other than make me feel quite sweaty and uncomfortable," Camspie admitted.

In summary, Campsie said, the SKIMS pieces she tried were well worth the hype – and the price tag – even though the shapewear she ordered was tight and uncomfortable.

Her parting wisdom: size up for shapewear, and pick your normal size or downsize when choosing clothes.

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