DIFFERENT styles look flattering on different body types, and it's all about dressing to make you feel good.

Mid-size fashion influencer Jess proved seven fashion hacks to compliment a woman's stomach without revealing the whole thing.

No one should feel like the only way to dress confidently is by showing some skin.

TikTok fashion expert Jess posted a video revealing seven fashion hacks for the fall that don't require you to show more than a sliver of your midsection.

The caption on the video reads: "7 Autumn Tum Flattering Tips."

First, Jess recommends pairing a t-shirt with thick leather trousers that don't stretch.


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She chooses a light brown option for the tight t-shirt and a darker brown for the pants.

Next, staying with a tight t-shirt top, Jess says to try "stiff denim jeans."

These jeans will stay snug around your tummy and comfortably shape your figure.

Pleated and A-line skirts are two other great options.

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Jess tries both a white pleated pick and a brown a-line skirt.

Again, these skirts hug your waist while also shaping your body in a flattering way.

Wrap-over skorts are a good summer-to-fall transition item, and they fit comfortably.

Finally, "high-neck swing dresses" don't reveal the mid-section and are still a sexy option.

Viewers commented how much they loved Jess's suggestions.

"I think I need literally every skirt," one woman wrote, while another commenter added: "Wrapped and ruched are my go-to's."

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