OUR homes represent who we are.

The décor we buy, the photos we hang, and the furniture we choose all give our guests a look into our personal style.

One interior designer named Phoenix Grey, who goes by @mrphoenixgrey on TikTok, said there are a few common mistakes people make in their homes that give off a cheap impression.

In the clip, he began: “Reasons I will leave your home as an interior designer.”

He decided to focus on current trends and explained why they are “so terrible.”


His first bone to pick was with a certain mirror style that’s been floating around.


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“Spray foam mirrors. This trend came in and it was absolutely horrendous.”

He showed multiple photos of spray foam mirrors and questioned why the over-the-top border had to be added.


Next, he addressed dining tables.

“You either love it or you hate it, but glass tops on tables, like dining tables, is not a good look.

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“If you’ve used one of these before you know how easily they scratch and how cheap they look afterwards.”

Besides the scratching, these tables also quickly become filled with finger prints and smudges – and no one wants to see that while they’re eating dinner.


Remodeling a kitchen takes a lot of work, so you want to be sure to choose materials and styles that feel timeless.

Phoenix had some advice on that front.

“High gloss cabinets were never a good thing to have. They reflect absolutely everything.

“Your kitchen is already busy enough. You don’t need to have these reflective surfaces that literally reflect everything and hold onto every finger print and are dirty all the time.”  


As for those couch covers that you’re using to keep messes away, Phoenix said they’re a total turn off.  

“So I get these from a functionality standpoint and how they could completely change the space, but it’s a big no.”

He said the covers instantly reduce the aesthetic appeal of your furniture.

“This is literally the modernized version of your grandma’s plastic sheet over the top of the couch. Don’t do these, please.”

Viewers were appreciative of the advice, with most of them agreeing with his takes:

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“I screamed when you said spray foam mirrors!!! Someone had to say it,” one person wrote.

“Finally someone who hates glass tables as much as I do,” added another.

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