THERE'S no need to blow your budget on decor when there are plenty of cheap options that give off an expensive aesthetic.

One interior design expert shared 10 affordable items he's found that look luxe.

YouTube user Garrett is a practical designer, meaning he isn't willing to sacrifice his budget on any overpriced item.

Garrett knows that pricey decor can make your home look cheaper than if you filled it with $1 items.

He has a talent for finding affordable ways to make any space feel super luxurious and loves to share them with his subscribers.

Garrett posted a video revealing 10 cheap items that make your home look expensive.

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While this first item may seem small, it can impact a room's atmosphere.

Garrett says adding baskets to your space is not only great for storage and organization purposes but for adding a lush aesthetic.

"I love a basket for a number of reasons, one of which is organization and storage. But visually, a basket offers a lot in terms of its texture, color, the natural fiber, and elements it brings to a space," he explains.

Baskets are one way you can bring "nature" into a room, and according to Garrett, that always looks expensive.

From vintage sales to wholesalers, there are an abundant amount of affordable baskets to choose from.

"Oversized baskets look great in any style home. They can make a traditional space look a little bit more casual and relaxed," Garrett says.

"And they can make a more modern space feel a little bit more comfortable and break up some of those really square-like shapes."

Next, it's time to rethink your paint choice.

Garrett argues that flat paint is the way to go.

"A really high-end flat paint is going to be more affordable than a lower-end satin or eggshell, and it's also going to give you a really smooth, elegant feel to your walls," he explains.

Flat paint looks sophisticated.

Even if you have textured walls, flat paint can make them appear more smooth.

"It's very elevated," Garrett proclaims.

Adding fresh flowers to your space is another easy elegant touch.

Garrett mixes fresh and fake flowers, but the real ones are more "luxurious and beautiful."

Some high-end florals include tulips, ranunculus, and hydrangeas.

According to Garrett, wicker, rattan, and bamboo are sustainable elements that look expensive.

"You get a lot of great texture. You get a lot of interesting detail," he says.

In terms of furniture options, small accent tables are must-haves.

"I love these, and they are designer's go-to for so many amazing reasons," Garrett explains.

These tables are convenient within your space, and they make rearranging your room effortless because of how lightweight they are.

"I love these small accent tables because you can also layer and build and nest them together," Garrett admits.

You can find vintage accent tables, which are even better.

And Garrett says anything vintage decor, in general, is luxe.

"I always say you should have one vintage or antique piece in every room because they bring so much character," he proclaims.

Garrett specifically recommends vintage runners because they're inexpensive and add so much character.

Puck and picture lights are essential too.

These lights are affordable and effectively make your walls feel larger.

While renovating your kitchen is quite pricey, replacing the hardware in it can be cheap.

Between cabinet handles and sink heads, you can install the hardware yourself and save some money.

"Updating your hardware in the kitchen is gorgeous because hardware is like the jewelry of this space," Garrett admits.

He also says that "lesser known and local artists" have some of the best artwork you should be adding to your home.

"I love art in my home and in my space. I think it's just really beautiful," Garrett explains.

If you're buying art from local artists, you're supporting their small businesses.

You may not even have to pay for the original piece itself because a lot of these artists have digital versions online you can print out and frame.

Viewers loved Garrett's suggestions and even added their own in the comments section.

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