VIEWING houses when you're finally ready to move or take the plunge and buy your first home is an exciting time.

But since the stakes are so high, one wrong step could lead to you loosing your dream home before you've even got it in your sights.

In the same way you're weighing up the pros and cons of the home you're viewing, the estate agent and seller are almost certainly doing the same to you.

Even if you don't think the house is for you, it's important to create a good impression.

Don't be negative

It's natural to critique a property when you're viewing it, but be careful to keep any harsh opinions to yourself.

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Especially if the seller is there with you, an off-handed comment about their drab kitchen or outdated wallpaper could be the difference between getting the house or not.

Don't reveal your finances

It's best to keep your financial situation pretty hush, you might not think it could make much of a difference but you'd be wrong.

If the seller or agent knows you're approved for more than the house is worth, they're likely to take full advantage.

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No renovation chat

People can get pretty sentimental about their homes, especially if they've lived there for a while and raised their family there.

So waltzing in and announcing your plants to tear down walls and and a conservatory to where there kids used to play in the garden might not land so well.

Over enthusiastic

Just as if you hate a home you shouldn't say anything, if you see a property that's your dream home, keep it to yourself.

If the agent or seller catches wind of your desire to get the property they'll know they can squeeze some more cash out of you.


The thing is, there's probably no such thing as the perfect house.

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You'll always find something wrong with every house you view, but having an open mind is the best way to go into the house-hunting process.

After all, carpets can be changed and wallpaper removed, so don't rule out houses that aren't to your interior standards straight away.

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