A YOUNG female farmer has introduced a few moves that could become the next dance craze.

Her choreography might have its roots on the farm, but anyone can join in.

Ellie King's (@ellie_kingzy) "tutorial" post on her TikTok has been liked by over 10,000 fans so far.

Many of these were other young farmers, who vowed to try them out, but many more were from those outside the agricultural community.

They promised that Ellie's grooves were going to become part of their dance floor antics too.

Ellie started her post from a farm with a crop of rapeseed in full flower behind her and captioned it: "Dances for the young farmer's dances.”

With the music thumping away, she introduced her first dance move.

“Chicken feeder," she announced, as she bent down, imitating a poultry feeding session.

The next one had a dairy theme: “Milking the cows," said Ellie, as she moved her arms energetically, using the same motion for hand-milking cows.

"Young farmer’s parties have just got better," she said.

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Judging from the comments section of her post, she could be right.

There was wide enthusiasm for her country dance moves.

“Will be using these," said one fan typical of many.

“Will need these moves for the dance floor," said another.

One follower had his own suggestion: “Need to do "starting the trimmer" and "push the lawn mower."

But Ellie has captured the imagination of the non-farming community too. Many with not an ounce of farming blood wanted to give it a go.

“God, I know "herd the sheep", the "chicken feed" and "milk the cow" and I ain't a farmer," was a comment from a viewer rounding off her post.

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