A VET revealed how a new puppy owner was convinced they owned a cute Labrador.

Dr Lindsay Butzer, who is from the US, shared a video showing the adorable furry friend – and it's easy to see why the owner was duped.

She explained on TikTok: "Whencustomer comes in and says 'we've just got a yellow Labrador puppy from the internet."

Dr Lindsay knew as soon as she saw the pup it wasn't the breed the owners were convinced it was.

It turns out the dog was actually a Pit Bull, rather than a Labraor.

The clip quick racked up over 650k views on YouTube and hundreds of comments.


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A lot of people were stunned that the owners didn't realise their mistake sooner.

One said: "I thought it was really obvious it's a lab."

And a second said: "I don't care what breed he is, he's absolutely adorable and I want him."

Meanwhile, others admitted something similar happened to them, one said: "My ex was adopting a rescue puppy and they told him she's a lab mix.

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"I took one look at her and knew it was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier."

And another said: "e had someone say their dog was an Aussie one time. I have an Aussie. This dog was a long-haired Chihuahua."

Elsewhere, others thought the owner might've claimed the dog was a Labrador for other reasons.

"According to home insurance it's a yellow lab shepherd mix," one wrote.

"If they live in an apartment, that's a Lab," someone else agreed.

Another said: "As far as my landlord's concerned my Pit Bull puppy is a Labrador too."

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